What jobs are possible with Comptia Security+ Certifications?

Security+ certification is the industry standard for Cyber Security certifications. It covers six essential security areas. These are: PKI and Cryptography Threats, Attacks, & Vulnerabilities Risk Management Management of Access and Identity Architecture and Design Technologies and Tools Security+ Certified Experts: Job Forecast There is a growing market for CompTIA Security+ certified professionals. Cyber Security specialists are a job segment […]

What it means to be an digital project manager

What is a digital project manager? A digital project manager oversees the planning, tracking and delivery of tech-related projects, which are often done online. They can work with clients, or lead an internal team to build a product. Their goal is the exact same: To ensure that the project goes smoothly, on budget, and without stress. Digital project management goes […]

What is Scaled Agile Framework(r)? Explained to Project Managers

The world has changed. This is why? Smartsheet transforms your work. Scrum, Kanban, Lean…and now SAFe(r). The SAFe framework is now available at the project methodology party. Let’s not forget anyone. My experience as a project manager includes both large corporations (global enterprise) and smaller organizations (start-ups). To help teams get their work done, I have used agile delivery frameworks […]

What is the purpose and function of a Project Kickoff Meeting.

The world has changed. This is why? Smartsheet transforms your work. Any project kickoff meeting should have a purpose. Different outcomes can be expected depending on the project and the needs your stakeholders. The purpose of the project kickoff meeting has relevance in the context of project management, project initiation, and project management. What is the purpose of a project […]

Why are CHFI-Certified Professionals highly sought after?

Cyber attacks are a major concern for any organization that is online. They prepare well in advance to defend against and counter these attacks. Firms that have been successful over a long period of time understand the importance of protecting their data and information. These data and information are the business strategies and client information that are vital for any […]

What makes a solid state drive more efficient?

Delana Hallstedt How is a solid-state drive more efficient? Immobility. It’s as easy as that. Solid-state drives (SSDs), although portable, are very portable. An SSD isn’t mobile on the inside. This makes it more efficient than other storage devices. It wouldn’t be a blog post without trying to show you some similitude. I’ll also include a few picturesque details that […]

What is Two-Factor Authentication? Why do I need it?

James Hanback You have secured your devices, your Internet accounts, as well as the combination in your locker at the gym using the strongest and most secure combination of characters that you could think of. They are impossible to guess. They are impossible to crack with brute force. You’re gold, right? Wrong. Password reset or password recovery is a weakness […]

What is the value and importance of the CISSP certificate?

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), certification is a boon to professionals who are looking for a brighter career path in InfoSec. It is the most internationally recognized InfoSec Certification. Why is CISSP certification important? The CISSP certification will allow you to start a career in information security. This certification is offered through (ISC.2) and is a type of […]

What is a ‘SOC?

Is your organization in need of a SOC team. Although this point is controversial, some organizations consider it a necessity. If you do not have one, you can start one. What is “SOC” and who are its different security personnel? This blog post will provide more information. SOC: The ‘Security Operations Center’ or SOC team is made up of InfoSec […]