A checklist to help you choose the right project management software

Businesses have become more diverse and dynamic in recent years. Operation has gone mobile. Work teams are scattered all over the globe and are now working on the move. ISV’s responded by creating a new generation in Project Management software. This software aims to be more functionally sophisticated and less complex. Project Managers and team members now have a variety […]

10 Best Screen Sharing Softwares

Screen sharing software allows presenters to share their desktops/mobile screens with other participants. Screen sharing software allows you to collaborate with clients and colleagues, whether you’re giving a presentation or conducting a webinar. Screen sharing software allows presenters to share their screens with others or projecting devices. This software is especially useful for companies with hybrid or remote work cultures. […]

Top 4 Free Calendar Software

Calendar software allows users schedule appointments, events, tasks, and more. Calendar software is a valuable addition to any tech stack, whether you’re a service-based company owner or a contributor who struggles to manage deadlines, milestones, and meetings simultaneously. This software can help you solve scheduling issues like overscheduling, last minute cancellations, and missing out at upcoming events. Calendar software lets […]

How social media can improve project productivity

If you’re a US citizen, 74% of Americans use social media. This number jumps to 89% if you are under the age of 29. It’s 2014, folks, and it’s now that project managers need to start tweeting. Can social media really help projects to stay on track? Yes, social media can help projects stay on track. Team communication is key […]

10 Career Goals For Project Managers

Question: Where will your life be in five years? The dreaded question. It’s the one that makes your skin crawl because you’re a project manager who’s not sure. Because you are so focused on completing your projects successfully, you often can’t see 5 years ahead. It’s all well and good. You should be focusing on your projects. But think about […]

10 Best Tips for Working Remotely

It’s now easier than ever to work remotely in today’s tech-savvy society. There are many benefits to working with your bunny slippers. You can save gas money, have your own schedule and are not tied to a cubicle. Remote work comes with its own set of challenges. Here are 10 ways you can increase your productivity even if you’re still […]

Ten Best Practices to Keep Your Team Productive

Are you having trouble motivating your team and increasing productivity? You may have been neglecting your team’s needs. Leaders today know that caring for your team is key to enabling each member of the team to grow, thrive, and be more engaged at work. Companies like Carrot.is and Hubspot are successful because they have created a culture that values team […]

10 Best Gantt Chart Software for 2022 – Digital Project Manager

The Best Gantt Chart Software List Here is a short list of the top Gantt chart software. JUMP TO REVIEWS Wrike Best collaborative Gantt charts software GoodDay Best Gantt Chart tool to customise TeamGantt Best online Gantt chart software Paymo Best Gantt chart software Software development teams have the best backlog Airfocus Best for project prioritization Microsoft Project Online is […]

10 Best Workflow Software for Small Teams – The Digital Manager

Here’s a list of the best workflow software solutions I’ve covered in this article. Some of these tools are open-source. If you already have one, you can download them and install them free of charge on your existing server. Although it can be complicated to set up, you have full access to all the tools’ features. Other platforms are free […]