The Best Gantt Chart Software List
Here is a short list of the top Gantt chart software.
Wrike Best collaborative Gantt charts software

GoodDay Best Gantt Chart tool to customise

TeamGantt Best online Gantt chart software

Paymo Best Gantt chart software

Software development teams have the best backlog

Airfocus Best for project prioritization

Microsoft Project Online is the best for Microsoft users

MindView Best is a mind mapping software that integrates with MindView

Asana Users: Instagantt Best

Canva Best for small businesses and teams

Gantt charts can be used to visualize project tasks, timelines, dependencies, and other information. Gantt charts are no longer a tedious way to organize your project tasks on graph paper or paper. Gantt chart software handles the heavy lifting and often includes real-time updates for timeline changes, collaboration elements and reporting dashboards.
However, not all Gantt charts software is created equally. Gantt chart software is like many other software-as-service tools. There are many options for usability, pricing, and feature choices. This article will examine the Gantt chart tools currently available and what is new. I’ll also outline the best features of each to help you choose the Gantt chart software that suits your leadership style and project goals.
Continue reading to find out about the best Gantt charts software for 2022 and how it can help you plan, optimize, report, and report on your projects.
Gantt Chart Software Comparison Criteria
What should I look for in a gantt chart software selection? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI). Gantt charts software UI will include two elements. These are the overall user interface and the Gantt charts tools user interface. Both interfaces should be simple to use and adaptable to your work style.
Usability: Gantt chart software can swap complex formulas and calculations for simple drag-and drop, point-and click mechanics. When it comes to adding tasks, adjusting deadlines and linking dependencies, as well as exporting your charts, quality of life is key.
Integrations: Gantt chart are often just one part of a larger work environment. It’s important that these tools are connected to the software you already use for project management, communication and collaboration.
Value for $: I am looking for software that is fair priced for the features they offer, and that can be scaled as your company grows. Transparency regarding pricing terms and the different subscription tiers available to the user is important.
Gantt Chart Software Key Features
Gantt chart template
Task management: To make a Gantt diagram useful, your team must be able to see the tasks required to complete each stage. They also need to have real-time updates about progress.
Task dependencies: Every Gantt charts tool should be able to mark dependencies. Task B cannot move until Task A is completed.
Work-breakdown structure (WBS). It is necessary to break down large objectives into manageable tasks. Otherwise, your charts will look like pretty calendars that have no intrinsic value each day.
Project progress: I am looking for a way to visualize or communicate project progress, preferably in a way that allows you to slice and dice data in a variety ways.
Project insight stats. It’s always great when your Gantt chart software flags ROG status warnings. Any insights that go beyond the ordinary are welcome.
Multiple projects: Some Gantt charts software may not allow you to manage more than one project.