Question: Where will your life be in five years? The dreaded question. It’s the one that makes your skin crawl because you’re a project manager who’s not sure.
Because you are so focused on completing your projects successfully, you often can’t see 5 years ahead. It’s all well and good. You should be focusing on your projects. But think about yourself.
You should set some goals that you can achieve, whether you are looking to improve your project management skills or to predict where you will be in 10 years.
Where do you want to take your career?
Before you start thinking about the 10 goals for project management that you can use to improve your career’s short- and long term performance, consider where you are currently at your career and where you want it to go. Are you convinced that project management is your true calling in life?
These opportunities are worth your time.
Opportunities for short-term careers:
Are there any comments from colleagues that were positive or negative? What can I do if I have received negative feedback from my colleagues?
Which area do I feel the least confident? What can I do to be more confident?
What are my strengths? What are my strengths? How can I use them in order to be more effective in other places?
What do I need to do most for my organization? Are I living up to this role?
What is the next step for my company? Are you interested in that position?
Opportunities for a long-term career:
What is it that I love about my job?
What do you dislike about your job?
Do I see myself managing projects throughout my career? If not, what are my options?
What is my dream job and how can it be achieved?
These questions may be answered, but you must remain true to yourself. If you are a project manager by nature and want to take on more responsibility and grow in the role, that’s great! If you are looking to change your career path, make sure to use your strengths and find ways that they can be incorporated into your future career.
You want to be happy. Why? Because it’s easy and fun, so it doesn’t feel like work.
Project management career goals: A starter list
Short-term career goals:
These are the four goals that every project manager should follow.
1. Complete projects on time
Every project manager wants to be punctual. It is a core value in any project manager role, and probably one your company holds you to.
You can’t control every circumstance that could cause delays to your projects. You’ll be able to finish projects on time if you make it your goal to avoid delays. TeamGantt’s Project Health Report allows you to quickly see which projects are on-time, behind schedule, and overdue.

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Get your free plan Be a good communicator
Effective communication is crucial as a project manager, it has been repeated repeatedly.
Set a goal to improve your communication skills if you are not confident. You can create a plan to make project kickoffs easier, status reports more digestible, scrum meetings shorter and more actionable, and internal communications valuable and frequent.
If you are able to diagnose a problem and commit yourself to solving it using communications, you can test strategies and eventually reach your goal.
3. Control budget and scope
Another core value of project management is to keep a project’s scope and budget in check. This can be difficult to control. It is possible to get a better understanding of your budget, scope, and objectives if you set a goal.