Project management is a broad field that offers many career options. There are many career options in this field. No matter your level of experience, project management can take you in many directions.
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Entry-level Project Management Jobs
As a project manager, you can gain experience and present yourself to the boss.
Assistant Project Manager
Assisting Project managers assist the project manager with technical or administrative tasks. This ensures projects are completed on schedule and within budget. They are responsible for managing vendor relationships and cross-departmental collaboration.
These are the core responsibilities
To achieve project goals, delegate duties
Project management: managing various aspects
Liaison with the project lead and other managers is necessary to maintain the project schedule.
Assist with material procurement, if necessary
Analyzing the project execution and gathering data
After project execution, coordination and coordination with other project leaders and project managers
The average salary for an Assistant Project Manager in America is $63,000
Project Coordinator
Project coordinators are often under the direct supervision of project managers to ensure projects run smoothly. They are skilled in project budgeting and funding, and can use spreadsheets, graphs, and other reporting tools. They regularly present financials for the project manager. The project coordinator assists in the management of budget analysis and unexpected expenses.
Project coordinators are responsible to budgeting, as well as attending and coordinating meetings, as well developing strategies.
These are the main responsibilities of a project manager:
Identifying and solving problems during project execution
Planning and managing team goals, projects plans, and new information
Collaboration among team members to ensure that workflow runs smoothly
Management of paperwork and other materials
Reviewing and preparing project plans
Management of memos, meeting notes, and correspondence
Average salary for project coordinators: $51,000
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Project Scheduler
Project managers often have direct supervision and control over project schedulers. They are responsible for managing stakeholder expectations and project scheduling. They are responsible for planning and executing projects.
They often collaborate with other team members to create short term schedules for different areas of the project. They identify and find solutions for scheduling delays and prepare regular progress reports. This role involves making decisions regarding process control, procurement, subcontracting and risk management.
Project scheduler responsibilities include:
Breaking down a project into timed phases with deadlines
Identifying and solving potential project setbacks
Prepare and present regular progress reports
Decision-making in the areas of procurement, sub-contracts, and risk management
The average salary for project schedulers in the United States is $88,000
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Mid-Career Project Management Jobs
If you have years of project management experience, the following opportunities might be for you.
Project Team Lead
A project leader offers structure advice.