Are you looking to pass the AZ-204 Developing Azure Solutions exam to get certified and advance your career? You’ve come to the right place. This exam is geared towards developers who want to create end-to–end solutions that can be hosted on Microsoft Azure. Anyone can take this course and pass the exam to learn how to create, design, and deploy different application architectures on Azure.
This exam is open to all cloud administrators and admins. It covers application architectures using containers, Azure App Services, distributed architectures and microservices-based architectures. It also discusses publisher/subscriber architectures and how to create loosely coupled and decoupled application architectures through service bus, event grid and azure Storage Queue.
Microsoft Azure Certification will make you stand out from the rest when it comes time to get a job and advance in your career. A Microsoft Azure Certification is a great credential that shows potential employers you are proficient in Microsoft Azure. This certification is highly sought after in the market, and companies are actively seeking certified Azure Developers.
TABLE OF CONTENTS1. What can you expect from this article? Prerequisites3. About the certification Exam Pattern5. Percentage of questions for all Modules6. Study Materials and References7. Important Points8. Get Certified NowWhat can you expect from this article?
This exam pattern and topic combination will help you pass the AZ-204 certification exams. This course will teach you how to optimize Azure solutions, create Azure storage solutions, and connect with third-party services. Let’s start with the basics and move on to the exam pattern, course outline, documentation, and other links that will help you learn and accelerate your career as an Azure Developer.
To take this exam, programmers should have at least 1-2 years experience with Microsoft Azure. Hardcore developers who are able to build Azure applications starting from the basics will gain in-depth knowledge and subject matter expertise in designing and building cloud applications, testing and maintaining them, as well as performance tuning and monitoring. Candidates should be familiar with.NET architecture, C# language (e.g. Azure SDKs and PowerShell), authorization, debugging, and other aspects to gain an edge when attempting the AZ204 certification.
About the Certification
AZ-204, an associate-level exam, has a difficulty level of ‘Intermediate’ when compared to other Microsoft-based exams. You can expect questions from the five modules below. The weightage of each module will help you prepare for certifications.
Module 1: Create Azure compute solutions (25-30%)
Module 2: Develop for Azure storage (10-15%)
Module 3: Implement Azure security (15-20%)
Module 4: Monitor, troubleshoot and optimize Azure solutions (between 10-15%)
Module 5: Connect to Azure and third-party Services (25-30%)

Exam Pattern
Below is a table that outlines the exam pattern. You will not receive negative markings if you answer all questions correctly. However, partial marking will be given to those who do well. Try every question to score maximum marks.

Percentage of questions from all modules
Module 1: Create Azure compute solutions (25-30%)
This module covers the development and deployment of App Services, integrating Azure Functions to various Azure and third party services, as well as developing, hosting, and binding them. AZ-203 used Kubernetes, but was discontinued in order to be certified by AZ-204.
Module 2: Develop for Azure storage (10-15%)
You can ask more questions in this module.