Are you a cloud professional? AWS certifications are a great way to boost your cloud career. Learn how AWS certifications can help you advance your career.

Cloud computing has brought about significant changes in the technology industry. Cloud computing is gaining popularity thanks to PaaS and IaaS solutions.
Recent trends in cloud-based jobs have seen a significant increase in IT careers. Official certifications can be used by aspirants to gain access to job opportunities on public cloud platforms.
AWS certifications are a industry-recognized benchmark for cloud expertise in different areas of cloud computing. These certifications are a proven tool that will help you further your career in cloud computing.
Many cloud computing professionals are skeptical about the benefits of AWS certifications for their cloud careers. This article will address these doubts and discuss the benefits of AWS certifications.

What is the importance of AWS Certificates?
AWS introduced official certifications in 2013 to show their credibility in the market. These certifications are intended to test the cloud skills of candidates based on different roles. AWS certifications can be found in four categories: Associate, Professional, Specialty, Foundational and Associate. Many people might wonder why AWS is important when you can choose to go for Azure and Google Cloud.
Answers to such questions can be found in AWS’ market share among public cloud vendors. AWS currently controls almost 47% of public cloud market. Nearly 40% of cloud-based platforms use Amazon servers. These numbers alone will drive you to become an AWS certified professional to boost your cloud computing career. To confirm the benefits of AWS certifications for your cloud career, you will need to have other reasons.
Recognizance of AWS Certificates
AWS certifications are important because they are recognized in the cloud community. Many people who work in the AWS ecosystem have at least one certification or are working towards one. Potential employers will be attracted to your certification.
AWS certificates are a great way to get specialized knowledge in cloud computing, as there is a shortage of cloud professionals. You could be a great candidate for higher-ranking positions by obtaining speciality certifications like Security Specialty or Data Analytics Specialty.
Demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and professional development
An AWS certification is more than just proving your skills. This certification demonstrates your commitment to professional and continuous learning. These traits are very attractive to employers for candidates who are applying for cloud-based jobs.
Candidates can be assured that they are committed to their tasks and responsibilities, while keeping a proactive mindset. These skills will help you demonstrate your ability to adapt to rapid changes in the cloud technology world.

Stay ahead of the Competition
AWS certifications are a great way to increase your value in the cloud computing industry. Your chances of getting hired are greatly increased when you have AWS certifications that are specific to a job role in cloud computing.
But is that all? No! AWS certified professionals can earn higher salaries, and cloud computing professionals report increased salaries after getting certifications. You will also have an excellent tool for negotiating better.