A Microsoft Azure certification is a great choice in today’s technological world. Many are shifting towards cloud computing because of the technological advancements in various industries. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to access services with a single click. Cloud computing also allows multiple teams to access files and resources quickly and allows them to upload as many data as they can on the servers.
Cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure are being adopted by businesses across all verticals and domains to enable them to undergo a major digital transformation. Microsoft Azure has gained the greatest popularity among professionals and businesses worldwide. According to Microsoft’s Report more than half of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure. This shows the rapid growth of Microsoft Azure. Professionals with Microsoft Azure credentials are in high demand and have the potential to make a difference in the world.
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Is it worth it to develop solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204)?
Not only is Azure Developer Associate Certification (AZ-204) in demand, but also Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Administrator and Microsoft Azure Administrator are equally in high demand around the world. According to Microsoft Annual Report, there are 75 million customers who use their products. This should give you an idea about the popularity of Microsoft products.
Professionals who are proficient in programming languages such as C++ or.NET will benefit from the Microsoft Azure Associate Certification AZ204. If you are already an Azure Developer, becoming a Microsoft Azure Developer certified will show your potential employers that you have the skills and distinguish yourself from your peers.
Who can take this Developing Solutions to Microsoft Azure Training?
You can choose from many job roles to take this Developing Solutions Microsoft Azure AZ-204 training. There are three main combinations that professionals can choose to take Azure Developer Associate Training.
You have some coding knowledge, but no Azure exposure
Existing Azure Developers
Professionals who wish to move from scripting to programming
Let’s look at these three combinations that make up the target audience for the Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure course.
1. You have some coding knowledge, but no Azure exposure
This course is for professionals who have coding experience, but not in Microsoft Azure. It is the best choice for the first combination of job roles. This Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure training will teach you everything about Azure, the coding approach, creating rollouts and maintaining them on Azure.
The AZ-104 course is not designed to teach coding from scratch and professionals with little knowledge of coding may find it difficult to follow. This course, Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure, is for programmers who want to create Azure solutions for their enterprise. After passing the AZ-204 Exam, programmers will be able to become an Azure Developer Associate, which opens up a variety of job opportunities around the world.
2. Existing Azure Developers
Here the professionals/programmers already have the Azure knowledge who might have learned them by chance over the years and are looking to demonstrate their skills to their employers. This Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification course will allow you to showcase your abilities and help you to strengthen your position in your company.
3. Professionals who wish to move from scripting to programming
In the two previous combin.