Windows 10 is here to stay. Statistics from NetMarketShare show that Windows 10 has seen steady increases in adoption over the last three months. December – 9.96% Increase January – 11.85% Increase February – 12.82% Increase With this steady 1% monthly increase, Windows 10 is on track to surpass Windows 7’s market share within the next decade. It is important to note for businesses where the cost of Windows 10 conversion is coming from. Windows 7 suffered a three-point drop in percentage points, but Windows XP declined from 19% to 11.2% during the past year.
“Among the more than 100 businesses who attended the TechEd North America 2014 conference recently, 53 percent admitted that they still use XP in their business.” CNET, “Windows XP is still in use at more than half the businesses surveyed” As Windows 10 becomes more popular, consumers will expect and demand it in the workplace. Windows 10 is the perfect ending to Microsoft’s fairy tale. With Windows XP still being used by the majority of businesses, and Microsoft no longer supporting this OS, it is clear that Microsoft has reached the end of its support. It is now up to business leaders to play the role of the hero who defeats the XP dragon. Change can be scary. Here are four tips and tricks to help you become a Windows 10 hero. 1. Select an accent color
It is as easy as choosing from the many accent colors Windows 10 has to offer that can put even the most anxious minds at ease. Personalization is one of the first steps in taking ownership of a product. Employers love to use company colors to make the OS their favorite.
2. Change Edge’s default search engine
In keeping with the customization theme search is one the most popular functions on a computer. This function should be familiar. You will find the relief you seek in easily recognizable search results just by clicking.
3. Wi-Fi allows you to delay automatic updates
The first step in upgrading was a major one. You can then take it easy and update as you wish. Make sure that IT professionals are properly trained to manage and oversee any Microsoft updates. Pin Windows apps to your desktop
Windows 10’s speciality is apps, and they are one of the most important features of the OS. Use the Windows apps that best fit your business’s needs and employees will be able to use the full power of 10. New Horizons is constantly discussing Windows and Office Migration with clients and leading vendors. We also discuss industry trends and real-life problems. Because of our partnership with Microsoft, New Horizons can help businesses like yours use our knowledge experts to discuss strategies and implementation as well as troubleshooting. Are you thinking about upgrading? Are you thinking about upgrading? More links
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