If you are a Networking Professional, you will understand the importance of the CCNP Enterprise (300 -410 ENARSI exam) exam for your career. The demand for highly qualified professionals in IT is on the rise with almost all IT companies requiring CCNP Enterprise Professionals. Testprep Training has a study guide to help you prepare and increase your learning curve. The study guide is designed to provide you with all the resources necessary to prepare for the exam. To make your preparation easier, you should also follow the steps in the study guide. Before we get into the preparation, let’s first look at the exam details.
About CCNP Enterprise (300 -410 ENARSI).
CCNP Enterprise (300-441 ENARSI)examines the candidate’s knowledge and ability to implement and troubleshoot advanced routing technologies and services. It ensures that the student is proficient in Layer 3 VPN services, infrastructure security services, and infrastructure automation.
Who should take the exam
This course is specifically designed for –
Enterprise network engineers
System engineers
Administrators of the system
Network administrators
Exam Prerequisites
Cisco CCNP Enterprise (300-441 ENARSI) exam does not require any formal prerequisites. To make your learning easier, however, it is recommended that you have knowledge and experience in these areas.
First, you should be familiar with the basics of network operations.
It is also recommended that you have a basic understanding of how to implement LANs
A third requirement is that you have a good understanding of how to manage networks devices.
A basic understanding of how to protect network devices is also helpful
You should also have a basic understanding of network automation
Study Guide for CCNP Enterprise (300-410 ENARSI)
If you have the right resources, passing the exam can be simple. Be sure that the content is accurate and reliable. How well you prepare for and pass the exam will depend on which resources you choose. You need to be careful when choosing preparatory materials. There are many resources that you can choose from. These resources are highlighted in this study guide to help you pass your exam. Let’s get started with the preparation.
Refer to the CCNP Enterprise (300 -410 ENARSI Exam Guide).
It is essential to understand the course outline and guide before taking any exam. Cisco also offers the complete course guide via its Official Website. It is the best site to find information about the CCNP Enterprise (300-405 ENARSI) exam. Once you have read the basics of the exam. Now it’s time for the exam guide. It is important to review the exam domains. Your study plan should be tailored to the concepts covered by the exam. These domains are covered in the exam:
Domain 1 – Layer3 Technologies (35%)
This domain addresses troubleshooting administrative distance. Next, you will need to troubleshoot routing protocols (attributes and tagging, filtering). Diagnose loop prevention mechanisms. Troubleshoot redistribution problems between routing protocols or routing sources. Also, diagnose manual and automatic summarization with any routing protocol. Configure and verify policy-based routing. Further, configure and verify VRFLite. Describe Bidirectional Forwarding detection. Debug EIGRP (classic or named mode). Troubleshoot OSPF v2/v3 and Troubleshoot GP (Internal, External) are also available. Neighbor relationship, authentication, and Path preference. Additional Policies include Route reflector and Policies (inbound/outbound filtering and path manipulation).
Domain 2 – VPN Technologies (20%)
This domain focuses on topics that describe MPLS operations (LSR/LDP, label switching, LSP). Next, describe MPLS Layer 3 VPN. Config and verify DMVPN (single-hub). Re/mGRE and NHRP, IPsec and Dynamic neighbour are also available.