CCSK is a baseline to assess the industry’s cloud security skillsets. In preparation for the test, it is important to be familiar with all aspects of cloud security. This cheat sheet will cover all the routes and places you can take to earn this certificate. It will also help you to be familiar with the CCSK test.
The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge is a knowledge-based credential which allows professionals to explore the field of cloud security. This certification test does not require any prior knowledge. Before proceeding, ensure you have reviewed the pre-requisites.
Prerequisites for the CCSK Exam:
Before you can apply for an exam, there are certain qualifications that must be met. You can read the CCSK Certification Requirements below.
First, technical and cloud security knowledge.
You must also be proficient in cloud security programs.
Finally, cloud computing knowledge is essential.
This exam will be more beneficial to certain people because of their specialized jobs.
Exam Target Audience:
The CCSK exam covers a broad range of cloud computing disciplines, and provides a solid understanding of security issues and best practices. It is also available for IT auditors and the CSA Security, Trust & Assurance Registry program (STAR). IT Engineers, IT Consultants and IT Architects can use it.
CCSK v4 Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge – Quick Cheat Sheet
Preparation materials are essential for achieving your desired goal. The materials make it easy to understand and increase your learning ability. The CCSK exam preparation tools below will help you to learn how to review and grasp each topic in a step by step manner.
1. Exam Objectives: Getting familiar with them
It is important to fully understand and be familiar with the CCSK v4 Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge key objectives. Understanding the objectives of the exam will help you to better understand the test. The test guide will help you better align your self with the primary objectives of the exam. You will also be able mark and go over the difficult topics and sections. These are the topics covered in the CCSK Certification Syllabus.
Module 1. Cloud Architecture
Cloud computing is built on the foundations of definitions, architectures, as well as the function of virtualization. All aspects of cloud computing are important, including delivery mechanisms, basic properties, and service models. It also includes a framework to handle cloud security and the Shared Responsibilities model.
The following topics are covered:
Introduction to Cloud Computing(Reference:The Definition of Cloud Computing)
Introduction & Cloud Architecture(Reference:Cloud Architecture)
Cloud Essential Characteristics(Reference:Cloud Computing: A Little Less Cloudy)
Service Modelsof cloud (Reference:Enterprise Architecture Cloud Delivery Model – CCM Mapping)
Cloud Deployment Models
Shared Responsibilities (Refer:Shared Responsibilities to Security in the Cloud).
Module 2. Infrastructure Security for Cloud
This lesson focuses on the details of protecting cloud computing’s essential infrastructure. It includes management interfaces, management interfaces, cloud components, and administrator credentials. It also covers virtual networking security and workload security, as it covers the basics of containers and serverless computing.
The following topics are covered:
Module Intro
Intro to Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing(Reference:SECURITY GUIDANCE FOR CRITICAL AREAS OF FOCUS IN CLOUD COMPUTING)
Software Defined Networks (Reference :Software Defined Pemete