In recent years, cloud security has seen a surge in popularity. Cloud specialists are highly sought after these days. This makes them even more valuable. Cloud security is also referred to as Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), and Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge. They are among the most respected cloud security certifications and provide extensive training in cloud security principles.
The most common questions are:
First, are the two certifications identical or completely different?
Secondly, what are the primary differences between CCSK & CCSP?
Third, which one should I choose for my family?
Let’s now look at the answers to these questions and get a better understanding about CCSK/CCSP comparison.
CCSK Vs CCSP: A Comprehensive Comparison
In reality, neither the CCSK or the CCSP are competing or related certificates. Both are among the most prestigious cloud security certifications. However, they have fundamentally different cloud security goals for students. The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge is a certification program that teaches you how cloud security issues can be understood. The certification also includes a knowledge test that includes three components, CSA guidance, CSA control matrix and ENISA report.
A CCSP certification, on the other hand, not only tests an individual on security features but also examines the practical aspects and experiences. The certification credentials are given to the learner for their knowledge and experience. In the end, they are also recognized as professionals. It is important to understand what the CCSK and CCSP certifications are before you can take them. Let’s take a quick look at how the CCSK exam and CCSP exam are broken down.
Understanding the basic structure, offerings and purpose of the CCSK exam is the first and most important step in taking it. It is therefore crucial to understand who this certification is appropriate.
Who is eligible to earn the CCSK?
The CCSK certification exam is best suited for individuals with an interest in cloud technology. This means that anyone who works in Information security, such as a manager or security consultant, can take the exam.
Exam Overview
The CCSK exam tests your knowledge of cloud security. The topics covered range fromarchitecture, governance and compliance to operations, encryption, virtualization, and many other topics.
Exam Details
The CCSK exam consists of 60 questions and must be completed in 90 minutes. You can take the exam online and it is both multiple-choice as well as multiple responsive questions. To pass the exam, you must score at least 80 percent. The English language version of the exam is also available. The exam costs $395 USD.
Prerequisites for taking the exam
The following abilities will be tested by the CCSK exam.
First, you need to be knowledgeable about cloud security and technical issues.
The second is the ability to create a cloud security program that is universal.
A good understanding of cloud computing is also a must.
CCSK Course Outline
CCSK covers six modules, which are as follows:
FIRST MODULE – Cloud Architecture
First, you need to be familiar with the role of virtualization and the framework for cloud security
A second requirement is to have a solid understanding of cloud computing models for delivery, security, and management
SECOND MODULE: Infrastructure Security for Cloud
First, you need to be familiar with management interfaces, cloud components, as well as networks.
Second, a thorough understanding of virtual networking concepts and workloads concepts, including the basics of serverless or containers
THIRD MODULE: Managing Cloud Security Risks
First, you need to be familiar with the security aspect of cloud security
Second, provides an overview on risk assessment and governance