The CIS-Cloud Managementspecialist exam is designed to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in cloud management. This exam is designed to increase the skills of candidates in order to become ServiceNow Cloud Management Certified Implementation Experts.
This exam is not an easy task. We have created a study guide specifically for you to help you get your CIS Cloud Management certification.
Who should take the CIS Cloud Management Exam?
All ServiceNow customers, partners and employees can take the Servicenow Cloud Certification exam. This exam is open to all IT professionals, students and anyone who wants to start a career in cloud management.
These courses and training are required to enhance your knowledge and prepare you for the CIS Cloud Management exam.
ServiceNow Fundamental (LIT) is the first.
Secondly, ServiceNow Implementation Methodology – Fundamentals (eLearning).
Thirdly, ServiceNow Platform Implementation
Configuring Cloud Management for IP address Management
Cloud Insights is also available
Further, you can become a Certified System Administrator
ITIL v3 Foundations Certified
Additional Experiences
Candidates must have at minimum six months’ experience in the field in order to be able to deploy ServiceNow projects and participate in the implementation of ServiceNow ITOM solutions for Cloud Management.
Candidates must have also participated in at least 1 project to implement ServiceNow ITOM solutions for Cloud Management.
Candidate must also have knowledge of Unix administration and Windows.
Not to mention, intermediate or higher JavaScript scripting skills are required
Basic knowledge of network administration is also required.
Additional knowledge in cloud administration with AWS or Azure clouds is required.
Candidates must also be familiar with terminology and concepts in the industry.
Study Guide for CIS Cloud Management Exam
This Servicenow Cloud Management Study Guide will make your journey easier to obtaining the highly valued credential. We provide all the details and resources necessary to pass the exam. Exams can be nerve-wracking up to the last day, but it is important to prepare well and gather all the resources you need.
Step 1: Refer to the Exam Guide
The course modules and domains serve as a guideline for the exam. To excel in the exam, you will need to refer to the Servicenow Cloud Management Exam Guide. This guide will help you understand exam objectives and provide insight into the exam. This will enable you to achieve the necessary command to earn your desired certification.
The Servicenow Cloud Management Exam Blueprint covers the following domains:
First, Domain 1- Administration & Setup (42%) – This domain covers the concepts Cloud Accounts and Alert, Configurations, and Resource Profiles. Also, Resource, Pools Permissions and Quotas. Additionally, Policies, UI Form Manipulation, and Billing. Additional information is available on Tags, Budget Consumption, and Troubleshooting
Domain 2-Templates (13%)
Thirdly Domain 3- Resource Blocks (29%) and CAPI (39%).
Domain 4- Cloud Providers (16%) – This covers concepts such as AWS, Azure, and VMware
Step 2: Learning Resources
There are many study materials available for the Servicenow Cloud Management Exam Preparation. We recommend that you choose the one that suits you best. These are some highly recommended resources.
Learning Path
ServiceNow’s Learning Platform publishes all the latest information and details about the CIS-Cloud Management certification exam. You can find all exam-related details here. You will also find many training and courses in the ServiceNow Learning Path.
Step 3: Join the Community
Participating in a study group can encourage and assist candidates to learn more. They will gain the knowledge they need to pass the exam by participating in group discussions. It will be a plus to interact with people with similar career paths. These conversations make the studies more complete. Introverts have the opportunity to speak up, which is something that might be difficult for some people. Forums are a great way to create a community that is essential to understanding others.
Step 4: Take a Practice Test to evaluate yourself
Practice is the best way to ensure maximum comfort, and minimal anxiety. The more you practice, the more comfortable it will feel on the actual test day. This will help you track your progress and determine which study strategies work best. Solving practice tests can give you the confidence to be stress-free. It is essential to boost your confidence. Let’s get started with Servicenow Cloud Management Practice Examinations!
You can increase your knowledge to become a CIS-Cloud Management expert. Get started now!