Analyse of the latest Cisco certification exam question banks for 2021: Gives you a brief overview of the three levels of Cisco certification CCIE (CCNP), CCNA (CCNA).

1. Cisco Network Device Interconnection (ICND) is the main content of the CCNA exam format. The new certification system does not subdivide certification directions. All original CCNA directions, except Cyber Ops, have been merged and only one test remains.
Exam code: 200-301
Exam time: 120 minutes
Number of questions in the examination room: 102
Exam score: Full score of 1000, 825 points scored
Exam question type: single choice question, multiple choice question,drag picture question
The CCNA exam fee of US Dollars 300 is payable. Only one exam is required and the certification is valid up to 3 years.
2. CCNA question bank. From the form of the CCNA examination, we can see that it only investigates theoretical knowledge and does no practical operations. The difficulty of this exam is low because it is the most basic and basic certification in Cisco Certification. It is based largely on the study of the question banks. The latest CCNA question bank has a 433-question format. We will give you all the answers once you sign up for the SPOTO course. The pass rate is high due to the question bank. Therefore, the gold content will not be as high. CCNA is not very valuable in the IT industry from the standpoint of job hunting.
It is important to also learn CCNA in order to be able to take the CCNP or CCIE examinations.

1. CCNP exam content format. Each CCNP certification exam consists of 3 subjects. Each exam takes 120 minutes. Each exam costs 300 US dollars and consists of 91-130 questions. The total score of all three exams is 1000 points. Each subject is passed 790. Only after passing all three exams can you get the CCNP certificate.
2. CCNP question bank. There are many subjects in CCNP exam. However, they are all theoretical exams and there is no LAB exam. There is also a question bank. It takes approximately 2-3 months to prepare for the self study CCNP question bank, depending on the individual’s learning progress.
SPOTO is a view of the learning cycle and planning for CCNP. It takes approximately 18 lessons to complete the entire content of CCNP. You can complete the CCNP study in 35 days if you work 4 times a week for 2 to 2.5 hours each. Candidates have the option to choose their class time according the class arrangement.
A question bank will also lead to a relatively simple CCNP certificate. There are many people who have already passed it. The CCNP’s gold content is much lower than the CCIE expert certificate.

CCIE is an expert-level certificate that requires a lot of core content to be mastered. Unlike intermediate and primary certifications like CCIA and CCIP which can be passed by the question bank, CCIE cannot be passed through the question banks. The CCIE exams are both written and LAB, which require you to do practical exercises. You can’t expect to pass the CCIE exam by simply scanning the question bank. You will still need to complete a professional training program and follow a professional curriculum system to learn the material step by step. SPOTO via live teaching + recording, reviewing + free two-on-one Q&A and lecturers and assistants + full track of the class teacher + stage exam + courseware environment PPT all provided + examination guide + question bank explanation + Pre-examination Test + employment recommendation, etc. All-round support to help you learn and improve your skills.