Are you looking for quick revision for the Developing Solutions exam for Microsoft Azure AZ-204? This cheat sheet will help you quickly revise your skills and measure your progress towards your goal. The Microsoft Azure AZ-204 certification exam is designed to assess your abilities in building, testing, maintaining, and designing cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure. This cheat sheet has been created to make your preparation easier. It includes detailed study resources and a list of all the necessary information to help you pass the exam.
Let’s get started with the basics of Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-204. This section is important to review and remind the basics of the exam.
About Microsoft Azure (AZ-204) Exam
Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Exam will require you to be familiar with tasks such as developing Azure compute solutions, developing for Azure storage, and implementing Azure security. The scope of the exam expands to include tasks such as monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing Azure solutions, as well as consuming third-party services. But let’s talk about the core responsibilities for an Azure Developer.
They are involved in every phase of cloud development, from the definition of requirements to designing.
They also work together in development, deployment, and maintenance. Performance tuning and monitoring.
Azure Developers also work with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs and cloud administrators to implement the solutions.
During your preparation, it is important to know that the Microsoft Azure AZ-204 certification exam regulates your ability to perform various technical tasks. Upon passing the Microsoft Azure (Beta), AZ-204 certification exam, you will be awarded the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certificate.
Knowledge Requirement to Pass the Exam
Before you apply for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam there are certain eligibility requirements.
First, you must have at least two years of professional development experience and experience with Microsoft Azure.
You should also be able and proficient in Azure SDKs and Azure PowerShell.
Finally, you will need to be able to design, build, test, and maintain cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure.
Quick Cheat Sheet for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Exam
It is crucial to choose the best exam preparation materials in order to pass any certification exam. It is crucial to prepare for the AZ-204 Exam. This will allow you to have a rewarding career in the field of development. Let’s get started with the preparation.
Exam Topics AZ-204
It is important to understand and be familiar with the main objectives for theMicrosoft Azure AZ-204 Exam. Understanding the objectives of the exam will give you a better understanding of the exam. An analysis of the exam guide can help you to align yourself with the main objectives of the exam. You will also be able review and mark difficult sections and topics.
MicrosoftAZ-204 Exam Course Content was Updated May 18, 2020.
The updated Microsoft AZ-204 course outline includes:
1. Develop Azure compute solutions (25-30%)
1.1 Implement IaaS Solutions
Provision VMs (Microsoft documentation: Create a Windows virtual machine on Azure using PowerShell)
Configure VMs to allow remote access (Microsoft Docation: Secure your management ports using just-in-time access
Next, create ARM templates (Microsoft documentation: Create and deploy ARM template using the Azure portal).
Docker allows you to create container images for solutions (Microsoft Docation: Create a container picture for deployment to Azure Container Incstances)
Publish an image to Azure Container Registry (Microsoft Docation: Push image into Azure Container Registry).
Finally, Azure Container Instance is used to run containers (Microsoft documentation: Deploy a container app to Azure Container Instances).
Azure Kubernetes Service is not available
1.2 Create Azure App Service Web Apps
Create an Azure App Service Web App (Microsoft Documentation:Create an ASP.NET Core web app in Azure)
Enable diagnostics logging (Microsoft Documentation:Enable diagnostics logging for apps in Azure App Service)
Deploy code to a Web App (Microsoft Docation:Deploy your App to Azure App Service using a ZIP or WAR File)
Then, Configuring web app settings including SSL, API, and connection strings (Microsoft Documentation:Configuring web app settings with SSL,Configuring web app settings with connection stringsandHost Restful APIs in Azure App Service)
Implement autoscaling guidelines, including scheduled autoscaling and scaling by operational/system metrics (Microsoft Doction:Azure App Service Autoscaling Rules,Scheduled Autoscaling and scaling by operational/system metricsandAlso, review common autoscale patterns).
1.3 Implement Azure functions
Implement input and out bindings for a function (Microsoft documentation:Azure Functions triggers, bindings concepts).
Implementing function triggers using data operations, webhooks, and timers (Microsoft documentation:Timer trigger to Azure Functions).
Final, Implementing Azure Durable Functions. (Microsoft documentation:Create Durable Functions with the Azure portal).
2. Develop for Azure storage (10-15%)
2.1 Create solutions that use Cosmos DB storage
Choose the appropriate API to solve your problem (Microsoft Docation:Choose an appropriate API for Azure Cosmos DB).
Use partitioning (Micro)