The Docker Certified Associate exam can open doors to new opportunities for visibility, superior learning, and industry expertise. The Docker certification is a great way to make yourself stand out in today’s highly competitive market. It takes a lot of work and strong analytical skills to connect exam concepts with a real business situation.
Don’t worry, you’re in luck! The Docker Certified Associate Online Course has been launched. This course was designed by subject matter experts to help you prepare for your exam. This course will help you pass the exam with flying colors. Before we get into the details of what you will learn in the online course, let us first discuss how to prepare for the exam.
Docker Certified Associate Exam Details
Docker is an enterprise-ready container platform which allows organizations to seamlessly create, share, and run any app, anywhere. Also, Docker facilities are highly sought after, and theDocker Certified Associate (DCA) examis designed to prove that skillset with real-world questions created by experienced Docker practitioners.Further, the skills and knowledge this exam measures are obtained from an understanding of the jobs of current Docker users.
As a Docker Certified Associate, you have responsibilities
This exam measures the critical job tasks that a Docker Certified Associate performs. This exam certifies the skills and knowledge of a Docker Associate.
Start by running containerized applications using pre-existing images from a central registry.
Next, deploy images across the cluster.
Triage and resolve issues reports from stakeholders and resolve.
Standup for Enterprise clusters with one UCP manger, one DTR replica and one worker node.
Additionally, you can migrate traditional applications to containers.
Eventually, configure and troubleshoot Docker engines.
Finally, perform general maintenance and configuration.
Docker Certified Associate Exam Format
It is a smart decision to understand the exam format before you sit for the exam. This helps you to align your preparations with exam requirements. Let’s take a look at the exam details.
The Docker Certified Associate exam has 13 multiple-choice and 42 discrete-option multiple-choice questions (DOMC) that the candidate must complete in 90 minutes. You must keep up a fast pace due to the time limit. The exam is available in English. The fee for the Docker Certified Associate exam costs USD $195 or Euro EUR175. The result will be sent immediately.
Exam NameDocker Certified AssociateExam FormatMultiple Choice, Multi-Response QuestionsNumber Of Questions55 QuestionsExam Fee$195 USDExam languageEnglishExam Prerequisites
Candidates should have at most six months to one full year of Docker experience, including exposure to Docker Enterprise Edition. This level requires the following knowledge, skills, and experience:
Container security is the first thing to consider.
Next, try at least one cloud provider
Configuration management tools are also available
Linux and/or Windows Server are also available
We now have all the details for the exam, let’s move on to the Online Course.
Online Course for Docker Certified Associate Exam
Earning certifications can help you earn a higher salary than the market average, and allow you to be eligible for new opportunities and responsibilities. It can be difficult to prepare. The Docker Certified Associate Online Course is designed to make things easier.
This video course will show you how to set Docker up in AWS and Linux environments systems. It will also prepare you for the DCA certification exam.
The course starts with an introduction to Docker Swarm orchestration. This will guide you as you install Docker onto your machines.
Next, you will use Dockerfile for creating images, managing them with command-line interface commands (CLI), and configuring and setting up a registry to pull images and save them. As you move on, you will learn more about Docker containers, volume and images, as well as image registry.
You’ll be working with Docker networking and Swarm AWS EC2 instances towards the end. Finally, you will get an introduction into Docker Enterprise as well as Kubernetes.
This course will give you a solid understanding of how to set-up Docker containers in AWS or Linux environments. It also covers the six essential domains required to pass the DCA certification exam.
Online Course Key Features
These features are included in the Online Course:
First, 85 Learning videos covering all Course Objectives (100% Course Covered).
Secondly, Scenarios based Lab-Exercises
Thirdly, the most recent updated content
Also, available online
Also, unlimited lifetime access
Why choose this Online Course?
Online courses offer flexibility, ease-of-learning, and the ability to learn at your own pace. Online courses are the best option for preparing for exams. The Docker Certified Associate (DCA), will help you unlock your true potential. These are just a few of the many benefits that this course offers:
You get full course coverage. This course provides you with the most current content and helps you to be proficient in the skills and knowledge required. You will always have access to the latest training videos.
You also have access to the entire world of Online Learning Videos. They offer practical demonstrations that make learning easier and more effective.
Online courses also offer flexibility in scheduling. This course is available 24×7.
This online shopping option is also available.