The Amazon Web Services AWS certified development associate exam is a professional exam. It assesses an individual’s ability demonstrate AWS platform creation/maintenance. This test will help students improve their DevOps understanding of AWS. This accreditation will also increase your earning potential. An AWS Certified Developer Associate earns approximately Rs. 7,25,000 annually. 7,25,000. Candidates will also learn about strategies and critical services for designing, implementing and supporting resilient systems at scale. This includes CI/CD, Serverless and architectural decoupling.
Exam Overview – AWS DVA–C01
This test will help you to improve your skills as a cloud app developer on AWS. The AWS Certified Developer Associate program offers a great way to increase your knowledge and improve your skills. This test will also demonstrate your ability use AWS to develop, deploy, and troubleshoot cloud-based apps. This test will help professionals showcase their talents and companies build innovative teams for cloud projects using AWS. There will be two types of questions in the test: multiple choice and multiple answers.
AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Format:
This exam format will help to plan your strategy for preparing and attempting the test in the best way.
The AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam is limited to 130 minutes.
The exam has 65 questions.
The test also has multiple-choice questions and multiple-select ones. You’ll have several options to choose from for each question. You can also use the elimination approach to find the correct answer.
There are no penalties for incorrect answers. Guessing is an option that you can use whenever you want.
You must score at least 720/1000 to pass the exam and be certified.
The Exam will cost you $150. You must pay taxes according to local regulations.
AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Course Outline
It is a great way to get started with your preparation. It is a teaching tool that sets the standard for what you can expect to happen during the course. You can also do all the long training in multiple sets. You’ll be able arrange everything efficiently if you have gone through your course plan.
All exam topics have been included in the overall exam score. We also include their weighting. This will help you to efficiently divide your attention among the many topics. Here is the schedule for AWS Certified Developer Associate Course.
1. Deployment – 22%
This section discusses topics such as the deployment of written code in AWS using CI/CD pipelines and processes, as well as patterns. You will also learn how to deploy applications using Elastic Beanstalk or serverless applications. Finally, you will need to learn how to prepare the application deployment package.
2. Security – 26%
Next, we will discuss security. This section will cover topics such as authenticating calls to AWS services. AWS Services can also be used to implement encryption. Finally, authorization and authentication of applications.
3. AWS Services for Development – 30%
The section on development with AWS services is next. This includes domains such as writing serverless application code and translating functional requirements into an application design. You’ll also learn about implementing application design into code. Finally, you will learn how to write code that interacts directly with AWS services using APIs, SDKs and AWS CLI.
4. Refactoring – 10%
This domain covers the following topics: Optimize your application to make the most of AWS services; Migrate existing code to run on AWS.
5. Monitoring and Troubleshooting – 12 %
Monitoring and Troubleshooting include these topics: Write code that can easily be monitored. Perform root cause analysis of faults in production or testing.
Preparing for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam
The most important step in preparing for any exam is choosing the right study material. Your success in the exam will depend on your selection of AWS Certified Developer Associates Study Material. The syllabus is essential for professional tests. A thorough understanding of the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Scheme is very helpful as it gives a clear picture about the exam. You can find all the preparation materials on the official exam site.
Instructor-led training is another option. This is still the best way to learn because you can ask questions and get quick answers. You will also benefit from individualised instruction and practical experience. AWS Certified Developer Associate Training candidates may be more engaged with lecturers to better understand the course. It is highly recommended as it is flexible. You can study at your own pace. Instructor-led training is great if you are looking for difficult or collaborative subjects. It gives you a direct immersion experience.
An online community can also be used to study. It is considered an additional learning platform where you can share your knowledge with others. You can learn so much from other people by sharing your ideas, which is the best way of preparing for any exam. It will help you stay focused on the exam. It helps you to build a support network and allows for networking.
Take Practice Tests
To see what you have learned, take the AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Tests to test your knowledge. It will help you to understand your endurance better, and it will also help you improve your speed. It will also help you to improve your comradeship.