We have previously explained in detail the knowledge required to pass the Cisco Certification Exam Rooms. Today we will address questions related to exam time.
Exam Time for CCNA Certification
First, the date of the exam is not correct. Cisco CCNA Certification is a Cisco Primary Network Engineer Certification. The examination is only a written one. The CCNA Certification exam time is not only on weekends and holidays, but also on weekdays, that’s any day between Monday and Friday. To take part in the examination, however, you will need to make an appointment at the examination location in advance.

The exam duration is 140 minutes, and the exam code is 200-301. There are three types of questions: multiple-choice, single-choice, drag-chart, and experimental. The number of questions ranges between 48 and 53, and the total score is 1000. The pass line is 825.

The CCNA Exam does not require candidates to study a lot of knowledge. Candidates can attend the training classes and master various knowledge points. They can also memorize the question bank with the teacher’s explanation. It takes approximately 15 days to reach the qualified level.

Exam Time for CCNP Certification
CCNP does not test knowledge beyond the theoretical level. The registration date is the exact same as CCNA.

The CCNP Exam is however more difficult. Depending on the direction you choose, you may need to take two courses for certain directions and three for others. The question type is similar to CCNA. Although the number of questions in each subject may vary, the exam time is usually 120 minutes.

Learning CCNP takes longer. SPOTO Network, for example, divides all CCNP courses into 18 courses, 4x a week, 22.5h / time. This takes a total of 35 day. It takes approximately 35 days to complete the learning in SPOTO Network. The 2018 CCNP Course of SPOTO Network has a number of advantages, including mind mapping and cloud laboratory, which allow students to learn anywhere and anytime. This makes learning easier and more efficient.

Exam Time for CCIE Certification
Candidates can make an appointment via VUE for the written exam of CCIE. The teacher will arrange for students to take the exam. The exam takes approximately 120 minutes per subject.

It is important to note that there is a CCIE Lab. The CCIE Lab Examination Rooms are only currently open to one certification direction. This is due to the epidemic. There are currently only one or two candidates in this examination room.

The exam takes 8 hours and is very difficult. The morning’s design section is three hours long and is very similar to the English reading comprehension test. As Diag did before, candidates will be given some materials and asked questions based on the materials. There is no equipment that you can access. This part is similar to Cisco’s written exam. Candidates can’t go back and answer the previous questions so be careful when choosing. Check that there are no problems and then click on the next question.

Deploy-Operate-Optimize (DOO) takes 5 hours in the afternoon, which is similar to the previous CFG. The configuration is completed according the requirements. DOO already integrates the TS module. There is no separate TS module.

This is the answer to all the questions regarding exam time. If you have any questions, you can always ask the teachers at SBD. We will be happy to answer them.