I received the pass email from the PMI with the 4A1T Grade on January 12, 2021. It is a good result that makes me happy, even though it isn’t perfect. Because I was in an intense overtime state from September’s registration to the December exam. I wanted to share my study process with others who don’t have the time or patience to prepare for the exam. For students taking the PMP exam, the most important thing is to have a spirit of learning. Do not let your tiredness at work, overwork, or the need to care for a child distract you from studying for the exam. I arrived home every day at 11:00 during the sprint time. I had to wash up, and then I started to prepare for the PMP exam at 2:00 AM. This was a test of physical strength and willpower. The next step is to plan your study schedule. Students who have limited time should drop the PMBok and focus on the SPOTO video course. To help you feel the emotions and learn the skills needed to complete the questions, I recommend that you do daily training questions. To feel the exam, use simulation sprint questions.

Watch the video course quickly and with your own understanding at the beginning. You don’t need to take notes during this process. This process will only require you to have a general understanding about PMP. To save time, I recommend that you reduce the speed of the video to 1.5-2x speed. After having watched the video course, I decided to carefully read the SPOTO interpretation. It is important to read the materials with the PMP concept in mind. You can mark the most important knowledge points to help you find the knowledge points that they haven’t paid attention to. This includes the 7-star knowledge point and the confusing knowledge points in this video course. I decided to go back through the knowledge points quickly the third time and focus on the ITTO section. In the form of mindmaps, I have listed the inputs and outputs of each knowledge area, tool, and technique. For those points you don’t understand, please consult SPOTO or ask your teacher. My training course is now at the model exam stage after three attempts. This is a crucial part. This is a crucial part. Each model exam question must be completed. No matter how right or wrong, review them. Your confidence might be shaken by this section. You can’t give up, as we said at the beginning. Persistence is the key to victory. Because there isn’t much time left. Keep a normal mindset during the exam. Don’t be nervous. You will be able to pass any exam with the knowledge you have gained. This is my entire experience with the review process. I wish that all students who read this content will succeed in every exam.