Web hoster GoDaddy is shuttering its Cloud Servers operation, which it launched last year as a small-business-friendly alternative to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
GoDaddy announced that it will cease supporting Cloud Servers in a memo sent out to users and posted online at TechCrunch. Bitnami’s apps and images will be removed from GoDaddy’s support starting Nov. 15, 2017. Bitnami was a company that partnered with GoDaddy last year to offer application deployment services to developers.
“Prior these dates, you will still have the ability to build new servers, test clone, destroy servers, and clone them. GoDaddy stated in the memo that there are no changes to your billing rate or billing cycle. Your GoDaddy Cloud Server plan(s), will be no longer accessible after these dates.
OpenStack-based Cloud Servers platform, launched in March 2016, was designed to allow users to quickly provision, test, and clone virtual instance under a pay as you go pricing model. This is similar to what AWS offers with their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) but aimed at smaller businesses. The service was available in 53 countries from GoDaddy’s U.S. Datacenters.
Jeff King, the then-general manager of hosting security at GoDaddy, stated that “we’re looking to make developers it easy to serve small businesses using the technology they need.” Developers can save time and exceed client expectations by offering a simple, powerful cloud solution that integrates domains and DNS.
GoDaddy will direct Cloud Servers customers to its Virtual Private Servers alternative. It also stated that it is currently working on other transition paths to be revealed “in the coming weeks.”
GoDaddy currently has 17 million customers around the world, but it’s not clear how many of them use Cloud Servers.