Amazon Web Services Inc.’s latest win is GoDaddy Inc., an Internet domain registrar/Web hosting company, announcing that it is “all in” with AWS and plans to migrate most of its infrastructure to AWS.
GoDaddy is a domain service provider and Web host that specializes in small, independent ventures like personal websites. They have more than 17,000,000 customers worldwide and manage more than 75 million domains.
The companies announced that the GoDaddy platform would be moving to AWS cloud in a multi-year transition. This will allow for the use of several services, including machine learning and containers, as well as leverage multiple services such as AWS.
AWS stated last week (March 28) that GoDaddy had been an active adopter containerized applications and will now leverage AWS’s Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon EKS). “This fully managed service will enable GoDaddy to run its many Kubernetes tasks on AWS without any changes, since Amazon EKS can be used with any standard Kubernetes environment.
The GPU-based Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud will also be used to create cutting-edge machine-learning services. These instances will allow developers to train machine learning models faster to improve the performance of the GoDaddy Domain Apraisals tool. This tool is designed to help customers determine the monetary value of a domain name.
AWS customers will also be benefited, the companies stated, by the incorporation of GoDaddy’s tools for building Web pages — Managed WordPress (a modular Web-site builder) and GoCentral (a Web site builder) — into AWS.