What is CCIE LAB? How long does it take for CCIE LAB to be practiced? You must pass the following exams to be eligible for CCIE Certification:

1.CCIE Qualification Examination (i.e. written examination, 2 hours)
Exam Fee: USD 400

2.CCIE Experimental Exam (i.e. Lab, 2-hour Troubleshooting, 6-hour Configuration of Routing and Switching Direction, 8-hour Configuration for Other Directions
Exam Fee: USD 1500

CCIE Lab is the CCIE Experimental Exam. This difficult exam subject is what gives CCIE its high value. Candidates cannot rely solely on the question bank to prepare for CCIE, as opposed to the CCNA and CCNP pure theory tests. Candidates must have both a solid theoretical foundation as well as practical skills. CCIE Certification is the best way to recognize the strength of a network engineering professional.

The Content of CCIE Lab
In the morning, there is a 3-hour Design. It is similar to the reading comprehension test in English. As with Diag before, there will be some materials and candidates will need to answer the questions according to them. There is no equipment that you can access. This part is similar to Cisco’s written exam. Candidates can’t go back and answer the previous questions so be careful when choosing. Check that there are no problems and then click on the next question.

Deploy-Operate-Optimize (DOO) takes 5 hours in the afternoon, which is similar to the previous CFG. The configuration is completed according the requirements. DOO already integrates the TS module. There is no separate TS module.

How to prepare for CCIE Lab
CCIE Lab is difficult and self-study is not enough. These common problems are not the only ones candidates will face. Many candidates will also encounter doubts and difficulties while learning. This is why professional training is required for candidates to prepare for CCIE Lab.

For candidates with no foundation, it takes 6 months to learn CCIE SPOTO. It takes 4 months if you have the basic knowledge of CCNA or CCNP. Candidates should make sure to follow the SPOTO courses. It is worth spending six months studying CCIE for zero-based candidates. For CCIE theory there are 16 classes, each lasting between 2 and 2.5 hours, for a total of 30 day. CCIE Lab takes three months. Classes last 3 hours each night on weekdays, and 8 hours on weekends. The course arrangement shows the difficulty of CCIE Lab.

You don’t have to worry about it. SPOTO will create a learning schedule for CCIE Lab before the class. Students can follow the schedule each day. Examinees practice imitating real questions which is the same content as the examination room. Other institutions may use remote operation for CCIE Lab. This is a different approach to SPOTO. However, the number of people who can participate in the exam may be smaller than SPOTO. SPOTO allows multiple candidates to practice CCIE Lab simultaneously. More than 100 people are currently studying for the exam. This is a great advantage. This gives you another advantage. The more people who attend the exam, the faster they can get the information. SPOTO will also offer simulation tests to candidates before the CCIE Exam. Candidates can pass the simulation exam if they are able to play the real exam normally. The simulation test greatly restores the exam room to ensure a pass rate.