Microsoft Most Valuable Professional honors Erdal Ozkaya, CISO
Erdal wins MicrosoftDubai’s Most Valuable Professional Award, UAE, 19/04/15: emt Distribution, a leading international value-added distribution company in the ME region, is proud to announce that Erdal Ozkaya was named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). The Microsoft MVP Award, an annual award, recognizes outstanding technology community leaders who share their real-world expertise with users and Microsoft.
Microsoft released a statement saying that it recognized and appreciated Erdal’s extraordinary contributions. It also wanted to take this opportunity to express its appreciation to you. MVPs are the brightest and best in technology, and it is an honor to have Erdal as one of these people.
Microsoft MVPs are a small group of experts with less than 5,000 worldwide. MVPs share a deep commitment and willingness to help others. They reflect the diversity of today’s technical communities. MVPs can be found in more than 90 countries and span over 30 languages. They also have access to over 90 Microsoft technologies. MVPs share a passion and willingness to help others and a commitment for the community. These qualities make MVPs outstanding community leaders. MVPs’ efforts improve people’s lives and contribute greatly to the success of our industry. They help people solve problems and discover new abilities every day by sharing their knowledge and experience and offering objective feedback.

To view my MVP Profile at Microsoft:
7th time Microsoft MVP Award
Erdal MVP Reconnect Medal
Summary: I am pleased to be re-awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 2021
CISO definition
The chief information security officers (CISOs) are the executives responsible for data security and information management in an organization. Although the role was once very narrowly defined, it is now often interchangeable with CSO or VP of security to indicate a more expansive role within the organization.
However, not all companies have a top-ranking security executive. According to IDG’s 2020 Security Priorities Study 61% of surveyed businesses do have one, but that number rises to 80% for large corporations. However, such executives play a vital role in companies that have them. The same study found that companies with no CISO or CSO were more likely than those with such officers to report that their employee security training is inadequate and that their security strategy is not sufficiently proactive.
A CISO position may be available for ambitious security professionals who want to rise the corporate ladder. Let’s look at what you can do if you are successful in landing this job and what your duties will be. You might also want to read this article if you are looking to add a CISO in your organization’s ranks, perhaps for the very first time.
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