Hello Friends. You might be wondering why I have called my certification process a “Journey”. Yes ….getting my PMP certification was indeed an adventure. This article will tell you about this adventure.
PMP Certification is urgently needed
Let me tell you a little bit about my professional role. I am part of a top telecom company’s middle management team. We are responsible for delivering the product and interacting with external and internal stakeholders. It is important to note that although the role involves projects there are very few people who actually practice or undertake projects using the PMI processes.
One of my projects brought me across a stakeholder with a very systematic approach. I was impressed and wanted to find out what made him manage the project so well. This was the moment I realized that he was PMP certified. This was the moment I decided to pursue my certification.
ProThoughts – The right choice
It took me three years to register for the 35 PDU classes. This was due to personal and professional commitments. Trust me, the desire to get certified remained strong throughout all of these years. Finally, Dec-16 was the day I decided to start the enrollment process. I found ProThoughts through a Google search for a good institute.
Siddhant was very supportive and positive when I called the institute my first time. Siddhant has been an excellent supporter from the beginning until I was certified. I finally decided to take the plunge and enroll for the classroom sessions scheduled for January 14, 15, 21, 22-17.
This batch was led by Mr. Ashish Sadekar. It was fascinating to learn the basics of PMP from someone like Ashish Sadekar (PMP/PgMP, Scrum Master), He is a strong believer in PM processes (as stated in PMBoK), and there was a high level confidence in the entire group of 25 PMI certified professionals.
This batch had professionals from many different areas (Banking, Education IT Telecom, CA, and also translation). The 4 days of learning and interaction were fun. We all enjoyed Ashish’s emphasis on specific topics. We all agreed that we had to take it soon. Few people were willing to take the exam within the next 45 days! !
The Preparation Phase
After completing the 35 PDU’s, it was now time to plan the study program. The first days were filled with inspiration and the goal to get the certification as soon as possible. With the daily routine at work and personal commitments, my motivation levels started to drop. It made me feel uncomfortable. I just wanted it to be done.
I decided to spend at least 2 hours per day studying. I started to study and was able to complete half the chapters of the PMP Bible Rita Mulcahy. It was not enough. I had to speed up my reading. I enjoyed what I read. I was able to relate to the information I was reading. The topics became more interesting. I decided to finish my 1st RMC walkthrough and took a break from my professional life. After a week, I was able to actually take notes. This was my first time doing this in 13 years. I had completed one round RMC by March. However, my confidence was low. I knew I was on the right path, however. I was able to rely on the constant interactions with Ashish, and my fellow participants from ProThoughts batch. I had to do one more round of reading before I could continue. This took me a while.
Mid May was when I decided to apply for PMI. This was a conscious decision as I had to pay 550$. I decided to take the plunge again thanks to Ashish’s prompt assistance. My application was approved. This was a great feeling. Now I knew that I would need all my efforts to finish the task.
This was the most important phase. This was the most important phase. I tried to identify which knowledge areas I was proficient in and which ones required more understanding. I began to read in the individual knowledge areas, not the entire book. I did a lot mental revision of the knowledge I had read. I also began answering tests via a mobile app during my travels (there are many options). I am a PMP Exam Prep.
PMP is more than a theoretical study. Every candidate should be able to fully assume the role of a PM, analyze and deliver the best. All the knowledge areas were very applicable to our individual roles. This made the study even more enjoyable.
ProThoughts offered a 1-day crash class. This was a game-changer for me.
I was impressed by the preparation of candidates and felt that I needed to learn more. This was a tremendous boost.
I decided that studying alone would not be helpful. I must take up the exam date. I made my decision on 15 July.