It was a very exciting “PROJECT”, for me, to achieve a PMP certification. I am happy that I was able complete it on time. As a mother to a 4-year old, I had “By choice” to keep my career on the back bench and give priority to motherhood. Now that she was four, I decided it was the right time to reassess my career.
How I found ProThoughts and why PMP:
With over 10 years of experience in Project/Order Management, I decided to get certified to help me catch up on my career. After researching all the possible certifications, I settled on PMP. ProThoughts was the first place I found out about ProThoughts. From the first phone call, I had a pleasant interaction with the ProThoughts staff. Mr. Siddhant bitla was very helpful in guiding me when I called in June. However, June’s training was too early for me so I couldn’t attend it. I registered for the July batch.
My experience with ProThoughts during my PMP training:
The training experience was amazing. The concepts were explained by Mr. Ashish Sadekar with many examples. This made it easier to grasp the concepts. He has a wealth of project management knowledge and experience, and he is eager to share it with the class. I was able to change my outlook on project management after the training. He was able to motivate us enough to tell us to get started studying right away after the training.

The Self Study Journey
I followed Ashish Sir’s advice. I started reading the Rita book every morning after the training. However, the time I was dedicating for self-study and my pace weren’t enough. I had to work, travel, house chores, and my toddler so I didn’t have much time to study.
August brought with it many festivals, especially Ganesh chaturthi. My studies were almost stopped for 15 days one week before Ganesh chaturthi. There was something in my head that I knew I had to study, but I couldn’t find the time. This can be described as an “Excuse”. On the 6th of September 2017, I received a WhatsApp message on our PMP WhatsApp group. Ravi, who was also there for the training, cleared PMP! It was a great kickstart for me. Ravi called me and we talked on the phone, which motivated me enough to get back to school.
With this zeal, I sat down with my husband to first sketch out a study plan. His help was necessary so that I could make time for my studies. I had only read the Rita book once by that point. Our plan gave us 2 weeks to complete the second reading. Then, we had to do the 1st mock exam. After that, we had 4 days to revise and then the 3rd mock. Finally, we had 2 days to finish the 3rd reading. I was ready to take the 4th mock. Our plan called for the final PMP exam to be held on October 10, 2017.
My mock tests were given on the 23rd, 30th, 3rd, and 6th of October. I scored 141, 151 and 175 respectively. My husband and my mother-in-law took care of my home responsibilities, giving me ample time to study. I enjoyed the entire process of studying and reaching my PMP certification target. It was adrenaline pumping!
Mr. Ashish Sadekar enthusiastically clarified my doubts about certain concepts. Mr. Siddhant bitla helped me with the registration process. I was able to get the 10th October slot at 8.00 AM. So, I arrived at the Pro-metric center at 7.00 AM in the morning, waiting to take my exam.
The PMP Exam – Experience it:

Although I was nervous because I was about to give an exam after so long, mock tests and my studies had given me some confidence. Ravi was there to keep me motivated throughout my studying.
I was nervous about the first 10 questions of the exam and it took me almost half an hour to complete them. After that, I was able to pick up speed and completed my 200th question on time. I didn’t have time to review my answers. This was something I knew would happen so I made it my goal to mark the best answer for me before moving on to the next question. The questions were all situational and only three to four numerical questions were asked.
I was so clueless that I didn’t know the answers to all of the questions. I got “Above Target” for Initiating and Planning, Execution and Monitoring and Controlling, and “Meets Target” for Closing.
Finally, after all the juggling of work, family, motherhood and travel, the goal of becoming a PMP-certified professional was achieved!
Super thanks to ProThoughts, particularly Mr. Ashish Sadekar, for providing excellent training! My mother-in-law and my dear hubby Rohan, for their strong support. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.
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