First, let me say that I am not a very studious person. I am someone with average intelligence who struggles to find the motivation to do something that requires so much hard work. I attended ProThoughts’ course on June 17. I was the person I am so I decided that since I have one year to pass the exam, let’s get started preparing for July 17. And I did. Because I had just finished the course, Rita’s book was new to me for the whole month of July. My plan was to read Rita at least three times. So, during my first reading, I would just skim through the book to get an idea of what it was like. Then came August17. In the first week, I went on a trekking trip and in the third week, I went to Ladakh. As I expected, I lost my tempo. I went on a trek in the first week and then to Ladakh in the third week. I know that some of you are thinking that this review is a waste. I began asking my pro-thoughts friends about their preparation. I thought that hearing about their progress might motivate me. They were only at par with me.. which is ZERO. In October ’17, I decided it was high time I started studying if I want to clear the exam. I was the old me and started searching the internet for shortcuts (notes, videos, charts, etc.). Headfirst PMP was twice the size of Rita, but written like a comic. It caught my attention. It helped me understand a lot of concepts. I found my tempo again. Headfirstin was completed in two weeks. I then jumped at Rita’s book. This time, I read slowly and understood as much as possible (MAKING MY OWN NOTICES WHILE READING). This was the best thing I did. I didn’t need to go back to Rita’s book because I had my own notes. I was done with Rita’s book and had made my notes by mid-November 2017. Then I found out that the syllabus was going to be changed starting April 18th. It was now ON. It was now ON. I completed all of this by theNov17end. Then, I began solving questions. One of my friends recommended the Rita exam simulator. I also received the entire Christopher Scordo question bank and off-course the mock tests given by pro-thoughts. All of these were solved in the last two weeks. I reviewed my incorrect answers, which is very important. Our tutor Ashish Sadekar was a great teacher. Thank you, Mr. Ninad Gaikwad.Sr. Business Analyst.