According to Project Management Institute, the PMP Certification Exam will be changing on January 2, 2021. The current Project Management Certification exam is no longer available.
The new PMP exam content outline, and the new PMP format will also change:
180 questions (currently 200 Qs).
Questions will include multiple-choice, multiple answers, matching, hotspot, and limited fill-in the blank.

The new exam consists of:
180 questions (the previous exam had 200), but the same number will be scored
It takes 230 minutes to complete this exam
You can take a second break for a total two 10-minute breaks
Questions will include multiple-choice, multiple answers, matching, hotspot, limited fill-in the blank, and multiple-choice questions.

For more information, please visit the PMI website.
Notable point: The questions will no longer be 100% multiple-choice. Below is an example of new question types such as “drag-and drop” and “hot spot” questions. This document was downloaded from the PMI website.
Why is the PMP Exam changing in 2020?
PMI(r), which conducts research every 3-5 years, studies how the industry has developed, the impact of new emerging trends and how project managers’ power, authority, and workflow have changed. Based on PMI’s 2015 research, the current Exam Content Outline has been announced in June 2015. Based on the latest PMI research results from June 2015, the current Exam Content Outline was published in June 2015. It will go into effect January 2, 2021.
What are the Exam Pattern Changes

Three Major Changes:
Change # 1
PMP Exam has a growing emphasis on Agile & Hybrid methods.
At the moment, Agile + Hybrid questions are weighing in at around 20%. About 80% of questions are currently based on Waterfall or Predictive Methodology.
Expectations: 1) Predictive or Waterfall: Around 50% & 2) Agile (Adaptive), + Hybrid : About 50%

Change # 2
One thing that was common over the past two decades was that the PMP Exam passed was getting harder and harder with each change. Although not officially announced by PMI, we discovered that the PMP exam passing criteria have become more difficult over time.

Change #3
The candidate is currently being evaluated in five process groups under PMP syllabus:
Monitoring and Controlling

The new exam pattern will allow candidates to be evaluated in three categories:
This category contains 42% of the questions asked by people
Process – 50% Questions from this category
Business Environment – 8% Questions from this Category

PMI – 2021 PMP Exam Content Outlines – Download here
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