Let’s continue our exploration of the new VMware vSphere6 certification roadmap.
It’s easy to see that VMware offers two similar certifications. VMware Certified Associate 6 (Cloud Management and Automation) and VMware Certified Associate 6- Hybrid Cloud (VCA6–HC). They are very similar in that neither one of them requires any formal preparation. Candidates can start with very little preparation.
Which one is better? The CMA (Cloud Management and Automation), seems to have enough coverage to allow you to use your knowledge in different environments with different employers. However, the hybrid cloud is the most important trend in cloud computing for 2015. This hybrid cloud is basically a combination of the private and public clouds, bringing the best of both worlds together. Hybrid cloud is becoming more popular because of what many consider the failures of the private cloud. Both credentials are excellent from the point-of-applicability.
VMware Certified Associate 6 – Cloud Management and Automation (VCA6CMA)
This certification, VMware Certified Associate 6-Cloud Management and Automation (VCA6CMA), gives candidates credibility as cloud computing professionals. The VCA6-CMA credential holders who have passed this certification will be able to confidently discuss cloud computing, the business challenges that the vCloud Suite addresses, and how deploying VMware Cloud solutions can help solve these problems. These certification holders will also be able to define cloud computing and apply Cloud Computing and VMware product features and parts to solve the Elasticity and Efficiency, Availability and Management challenges associated with an on-premise cloud infrastructure.
Candidates are encouraged to complete the VMware Cloud Fundamentals online course in order to be eligible for the VMware Certified Associate 6 Cloud Management and Automation certification (VCA6CMA). This course is self-paced and takes only 3 hours. Register here if you are interested.
Candidates must also pass the exam to earn the VCA6-CMA credential.
VMware Certified Associate 6 – Cloud Management and Automation Fundamentals Exam 1V0-603.
The 1V0-603 exam has 50 questions and takes 75 minutes. The questions can be single or multiple choice and are not proctored. This exam has a passing score of 300 and costs $120.
VMware Certified Associate 6 – Hybrid Cloud (VCA6HC)
The second level of certification for Cloud computing by VMware Associate 6 – Hybrid Cloud (VCA6-HC) is part of the new VMware certification roadmap. The VMware Certified Associate 6 – Hybrid Cloud (VCA6HC) gives candidates credibility when discussing cloud services, business challenges that vCloudAir and related technologies are designed for, and how leveraging a secure and dedicated hybrid cloud platform can help address those challenges.
Successful certification holders are able to easily identify technical requirements for hybrid, private, and public cloud platforms, differentiate vCloud Air services and technologies, and identify common use cases that can be addressed.
The code 1V0-602 is the VMware Certified Associate 6: Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals Examination. The exam contains 50 questions (single or multiple choice) and takes candidates 75 minutes to complete. Passing score is 300 and the cost is USD 120.
Both certifications VMware Certified Associate6 – Cloud Management and Automation and VMware Certified Associate6 – Hybrid Cloud are excellent Associate level credentials for IT professionals who want to start their journey in cloud computing. They also offer great upgrade options and reputable certifications. Both