Filling out the application form and passing the panel review is one of the most difficult things you can do to become a PgMP Certified Professional.
Many people fear the PgMP Panel review and the PgMP Application process. They avoid the PgMP certification exam. Many people, without understanding the process, believe it is impossible to overcome.
ProThoughts has helped many people get through this stage.
This is possible with the right guidance and support.
ProThoughts is the only company that makes this space different. ProThoughts’ Post Training Support is a key differentiator. We provide responsive support with a pool resources and even experts who are willing to spend their valuable time working with you.
We believe passing the certification exam is not difficult, especially if your concepts are well-explained by our material. However, it can be a hassle to submit the application form. We are here to help you. Our expert will be there to help you with any questions or doubts until you receive your PgMP certification.
ProThoughts offers the following support resources:
Get free application support samples
Tips and tricks for the PgMP Exam
5 PgMP mock exams with expert support on ProMOCK platform
PgMP Mind-maps
Flashcards for PgMP
Recorded Webinar Sessions to Clear Any Instant Doubts
Slide book PgMP ProThoughts
Free templates for PgMP artifacts
Additional literature to Program Management material
Games and activities to help you understand your PgMP concepts
We have observed that the application process can be very time-consuming. We, the Post Training Support, make it easier and more efficient for candidates and make it less stressful.
The students don’t always succeed despite reading a lot of literature about application and panel review. The students and the PgMP experts go through many iterations in order to get the application right. This allows for future roadblocks to be avoided as the application is reviewed by the Panel. Many students have also appreciated the effort we put into the PgMP certification application process.
The PgMP Training is a diligent and meticulous effort to collect the best possible Program Management information. The primary goal of the PgMP training is to pass the PgMP certification exam.
The training will also help you to understand and apply concepts in real-life work environments. That is the hallmark of any ProThoughts training.
We don’t stop there. The post-training support is an important part of any ProThoughts Training and PgMP Training.

Our post training support is our way to provide responsive support. We have not only provided the best resources for candidates to study, prepare, and pass the PgMP exam. Experts are also available at regular stages to help candidates build their confidence for the exam. We have an Open Session (monthly doubt clearing session) where candidates can ask questions and get their doubts answered. This serves as a refresher for some candidates and motivates them towards completing their PgMP certification. Our support team and experts are available to help candidates at all times. We also respond quickly to their queries.
The PMI(r) Handbook is one of the many resources offered by PMI. We have highlighted some of the basics in the PMI Handbook below.
PMI’s PgMP Handbook is very helpful and explains the process very clearly. The handbook can be downloaded here: PMI-PgMP Handbook
Below are some Post Training pointers that you can refer to easily:
Participant should be employed in a Program according to the PMI definition. The definition of PMI in Program is “Related Projects, Sub-Programs, and Program Activities Managed in a Coordinated Way to Benefit from Management Not Available Individually.”
If you have a bachelor’s degree, global equivalent or higher, even a single program that is only for 6,000 hours would be sufficient. It should contain at least two or more projects.
List projects and programs separately – To enhance your program management skills, you will need to list at least two projects associated with each program (e.g. two projects that share the same strategic goal and budget).
While the experience does not have to be paid work it must be in a professional setting. Activities such as planning events or school projects would not be eligible.
Any professional experience that started more than 15 year ago but ended less than 15 after the application submission is eligible. The experience that is longer than 15 years is not considered co-admissible.