The demand for new software and apps is unstoppable. This has led to a growing demand for professional developers who are willing to work with these new programs. The popularity of Azure is also a factor. This led to a high demand of Azure cloud solution architects. This made the AZ-301 exam very popular with candidates.
The Microsoft AZ301 exam has been retired. A replacement exam Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-304) has been released.
Each year, many people apply for the AZ-301 exam. However, only a few candidates are selected to become Microsoft Certified: Azure Solution Architect Expert. Certification exams are difficult to pass. Only the right strategy combined with the right learning resources can help you pass the exam with flying colors. This article will help you to create the right strategy for the AZ301 exam. We will discuss different aspects of the position, including the Azure solution architect certification path.
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AZ-301, like all other Azure role-based exams, follows a similar structure. This exam is part of AZ-300. You must have previous experience with exam patterns, scoring, and other related aspects. Each exam has its own objectives so it is important to be thorough about each detail. It will also help you to strengthen your knowledge about Azure exams. Let’s now look at the AZ-301 exam.
Overview: Exam AZ-301
Candidates for this exam are Azure Solution Architects. They guide stakeholders and translate business needs into reliable, scalable and secure solutions. Candidates must possess exceptional knowledge and expertise in all aspects of IT operations. These include:
Business continuity
Disaster recovery
Data management
The Microsoft Azure Architect Design role requires you to manage how decisions in each area impact the overall solution. Candidates must be proficient in Azure development, Azure administration, and DevOps and have expertise in at least one domain.
Basic Exam Details
The Microsoft AZ301 exam takes 150 minutes. The exam consists of 40-60 questions, but the number of questions keeps changing over time. The candidate may be asked Multiple Choice or Multi-Response questions. There are no prerequisites. The language of the exam is not required. The exam is only available for 4 languages. These languages include English, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified), as well as Korean.
Exam Pricing
USD 165 is the registration fee for AZ-301 (without taxes). The price does not include applicable taxes. Therefore, it is important to confirm with the exam provider before you pay. Pricing may vary from one country to the next.
If you are a student, you may be eligible for a fee reduction. Only if you provide valid educational credentials. You can also get a reduced price if you are a Microsoft Partner Network program member. Microsoft trainers and Academy program members are also eligible.
Exam Results
Both a happy and a scary feeling can be associated with results. But, the most important criteria for an examination are its results. In the case of AZ-301, results will be announced within a few minutes. Additionally, you will receive a printed report card detailing every aspect of your examination performance within five business days.
This scorecard contains different information such as your pass/fail status and performance in various skill areas of the exam, as well as overall performance.
Now that you have all the information about the AZ-301 exam, it’s time to get started. Now it’s time to learn the Course Outline. The most important aspect of the examinat is the Course Outline.