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Qlik Sense Administrator: Overview
TheQlik Sense System administrator Certification Exam measures a candidate’s ability identify requirements for environments to install and set up Qlik Sense Enterprise. They also manage environments and troubleshoot. Qlik certification allows candidates to benchmark their skills against a recognized and objective level of competency. It also confirms your expertise. This exam validates that candidates are proficient in setting up and maintaining QlikView Server and Publisher environments in complex IT environments.
Prerequisites for taking the Exam
Candidates must have at the very least six months experience in managing a Microsoft Windows Server-based environment.
They should also have experience with Qlik Sense sites, the Qlik Management Console, and data and application governance. This includes library maintenance, user and application security, and providing data and application governance.
Thirdly, candidates should have a good understanding of how to manage the Qlik Sense apps and servers as well as the options and policies that they use. This includes creating rules and managing visualization streams.
They should also be familiar with Active Directory configuration, proxies and intermediate web servers, load balars, and other networking concepts.
Candidates should also be familiar with Windows tools and logs (e.g. Event Viewer, Services Consoles, DCOM Consoles, Windows Registry).
They must also know how to use NSLookUp and Telnet as well as NetStat, Ping, NetStat and Fiddler to troubleshoot connectivity issues, configuration, performance, performance, etc.
Learning Objectives
Candidates will be able to deploy, set up, configure, and maintain a Qlik Sense Enterprise platform by passing the Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification exam. They will also learn about security architecture configurations, load balancers, single sign-on, and other methods. Candidates will also learn about the different areas, including:
To start with, a Business case
Then, Server Components
Additional information: Single- and multi-node architecture
Qlik Sense deployment options are available.
Qlik Sense installation and QMC are also available.
Not to mention, Add and Manage Users
Also Apps, extensions and objects, streams, tasks, and tasks
Proxies and virtual proxies are also available.
Schedulers are last
Qlik Sense System Administrator Exam
Preparation is key to passing an exam. You need to be consistent and determined when preparing for an exam. There are many resources to help you prepare. To pass the exam, you must have the right information. This Cheat Sheet is specially curated to help you pass the Qlik Sense System administrator Certification in your first attempt. Let’s go over each step.
Exam objectives reviewed
You should be familiar with the objectives and course areas of the exam. You should also spend enough time on each topic to gain a thorough understanding of the subject. This can be done by focusing your study around the course domains. The official guide also serves as a guideline for the exam. The course outline is the basis for all Qlik Sense System Administrator Exam questions. These are the domains covered by this exam.
Topic 1: Plan Installation
Given a scenario for recommending environment architecture (Qlik Reference:Environment architecture)
Given a scenario for determining appropriate security strategies (Qlik Documentation:Security)
Topic 2: Install System