A Salesforce certification can help you build a solid future. We all know the value of the Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) certification that is widely accepted. It is essential to have a solid understanding of the Salesforce community and its capabilities in order to become a Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Certification. This cheat sheet will help you to study for the exam and cover all areas that will help you earn this certificate.
Salesforce Certifications are a way to validate your skills and show your expertise before you take the exam. Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) exam was designed for Salesforce users who are familiar with Salesforce and want to help their company get the most out of its capabilities and features. The exam covers the full range of Salesforce applications, the features and functions that are available to end users, and the configuration and management options that an administrator has across the Sales, Service, and Collaboration Clouds.
Salesforce Certified Administrator has two certifications.
The Salesforce Certified Administrator certification focuses on the features, functionality, and maintenance of a Salesforce implementation.
The second is the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator. This certification is for Salesforce Certified Administrators who have mastered Salesforce configuration maintenance. You will also be able to demonstrate an understanding of administration best practice and can use advanced functionality to solve a variety business problems.
Experience and knowledge for the exam
There are no prerequisites for the Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) certification exam. Salesforce recommends that Salesforce Certified Administrators have a general knowledge of Salesforce’s features and configuration options. You must also be able to manage a Salesforce organization, respond quickly to business needs, and perform administrative tasks using Salesforce features. You should also have at least 6 months experience as a Salesforce Administrator.
Cheat Sheet: Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam
Salesforce offers unique concepts that offer best-in-class certification training. You will have many opportunities once you are certified Salesforce. To prepare better, you will need the right Salesforce administrator exam guide, study materials, and pathway. This cheat sheet will make your preparation easy and help you pass the exam confidently.
Exam Objectives: Getting familiar with them
It is important to understand and be familiar with the main objectives for the Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) exam. Understanding the objectives of the exam will give you a better understanding of the exam. You will also be able align yourself with the main objectives of the exam. It also allows you to review and mark the sections that you can study later. Below are the topics covered in the Salesforce administrator certification exam book.
Organizational Setup: 3 %
Documentation:organisational setup
Describe the information in the company settings (for instance, fiscal year, business hours and currency management, default settings). (Salesforce Documentation – Set up your company in Salesforce
Differentiate between the various UI features an administrator controls, including their implications (for instance, UI settings, search).