Are you looking to improve your skills and become a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer? Are you looking for a quick revision? Stay with us as we give you our Ultimate Cheat Sheet. Without proper planning, last-minute preparations can quickly turn into a complete disaster. These situations often leave you confused about where to start and what to avoid. Our Cheat Sheet will make it easy to do this. This cheat sheet will give you a quick overview of all the materials that you’ll need to pass the exam. This will help you to pass the exam. Let’s take a look at the details of the exam before we begin.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer
The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Certification exam has been designed to provide a complete occurrence in configuring and customizing data. You will gain experience in managing subscribers across channels and the ability to troubleshoot different programmatic languages. This is essential for designing both tactical and strategic email campaigns.
Who should take this exam
Salesforce Marketing Cloud developers are familiar with setting up and editing data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The developer is familiar with subscriber management across channels. They can also troubleshoot a variety programming languages used in creating tactical and strategic email campaigns. The Cloud Developer has experience in full-stack development for Marketing Cloud, creating tailored, dynamic messaging and landing pages. He or she is also proficient in data manipulation, segmentation, and data configuration.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer – Job Role
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer candidates have the skills, knowledge, and ability to:
First, configure and set up data models (data extensions or shared data extensions), Contact model.
Secondly, Configure data import.
Thirdly, work with customers and platform data (SQL views, Send Log).
Also, learn how to write basic SQL, including join statements.
Using various scripting languages, create dynamic, personalized marketing materials.
Next, create a Marketing Cloud web experience (data form, custom preference pages).
Also, explain subscription management.
Additionally, you can use REST and SOAP API to solve scenarios.
Finally, invest time in studying the Salesforce Exam Guide and any additional study materials Salesforce provides.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer
This cheat sheet gives you a quick overview of the exam and all its resources. It is easy-to-understand and can be very useful in last-minute revisions. It is a great tool to use for revisions.
1. Go over the Exam Objectives
Your first step should be reviewing the test objectives. Before you begin preparing for the certification exam, make sure you are up-to-date on all test information. Certification exams are updated regularly as new technology is introduced. It is important that you visit the Salesforce Official Website to ensure that you are on the same page. If you are not familiar with the updated exam information, then take the opportunity to learn. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Course also covers the following areas:
Data modeling: 14%
Configure account Contact model in Marketing Cloud.
Given a scenario, identify the different types and uses of data extensions within the Marketing Cloud.
Describe the relationship between Contact Records and other channels.
Describe the Contact Delete process.
Salesforce Documentation:Data Modeling
Programmatic Languages 35%
You will need to demonstrate knowledge of AMPscript language syntax and functions in order to solve the given scenario.
Implement standard development best practices using Marketing Cloud programming languages.