• With native AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config tools, you can gather data and keep track of provisioning activity for every account.
  • Allow and apply best-practice architecture to AWS accounts.
  • Configure AWS globally to enforce configurations across all AWS deployments.
  • Built-in billing alerts ensure that a team doesn’t overspend.

OS management provides security-related capabilities such as monitoring, patching and anti-virus, and incident resolution for critical workloads. “Customers are looking to partner with them in their entire IT deployment,” stated Josh Crowe, CTO. “Not all applications are ready for the cloud so most companies find themselves in hybrid IT environments. Sungard AS has the experience to help companies decide the best course of action for each app and create a resilient, available and recoverable infrastructure that can support both legacy and cloud applications. The new service is now available in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.