Microsoft announced that its certification strategy was changing significantly between the end of 2021, and the beginning 2022. Microsoft will no longer base their certifications on different tools and solutions such as Power BI, SQL Server, or SQL Server. Instead, it will base its solutions on different IT roles like Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Developer. The old exams and certifications will therefore be canceled.
Changes in the Microsoft Power BI Certification Top:
The DA-100 Data Analyst Associate certification will be subject to some technical changes. This certification is the appropriate follow-up program after you have completed the 70-778 Analysing Data Data with Power BI.
The curriculum for both exams will cover almost 80% of the same topics and domains. If you have cleared the 70-778 qualifying exam or prepared for it, you have a good shot of clearing the DA100.
Power BI is rapidly evolving and improving. The DA-100 certification course curriculum has several new features related to Artificial Intelligence. There is no need to be afraid if you don’t know anything about it. The AI portion of the exam is only a small part.
This information is crucial for Power BI users. The Microsoft certification portfolio will now include the certification formerly known under the name “Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate” credential.
Microsoft continually reviews and updates its certification portfolio to ensure that it is in line with current technologies. Microsoft’s vision for data analyst roles and the technical expertise required for business success today is reflected in the new certification name. This is also a sign of the direction Microsoft is taking with Power BI Data Analyst by adding new features and skills that will prove useful in the near future.
Microsoft plans to release a new qualifying test called the PL300: Power BI data analyst on the same day as the certification is renamed. Candidates can earn the Power BI Data Analyst Associate certificate if they pass this qualifying exam. It tests your ability to prepare, model, visualise, and analyse data to maximize enterprise value.
The DA-100 exam will be replaced by the new PL-300 exam. It expires 31 March 2022. Both exams cover the same topics and concepts.
What does this mean for Power BI Data Analyst professionals?
If you have the Data Analyst Associate credential and have completed the Data Analyst Associate certification, the new certification name will be displayed on your certification dashboard after February 28, 2022.

There is no need to panic if you are nearing the end of your preparations for the DA100 exam. The exam can be taken until 31 March 2022.

If you are just starting your preparation for DA-100, you might be interested in the new skills requirements for PL-300. Because they are very similar, you should shift your focus and prepare for the new version instead of the old. You can choose between DA-100 and PL-300 if you plan to take the exam between 28th February & 31st March to earn your Power BI data analyst associate credential.

Start by learning about the certification journey of a data analyst if you’re planning to take the qualifying exam.
Also, you should take a look at what skills are required for the PL300 qualifying exam. You can then use self-paced, curated courses to complete your training program based on your learning style.