Two major changes were made to the new PMP exam compared to the previous ones: the content and question changes.

1. The change of questions
A PMP certification test used to consist of 200 single-choice questions. In September, the 200-question PMP certification test has been expanded to 200 questions. However, these 200 questions are largely single-choice questions. Multiple-choice questions make up a small percentage (less than 20%), which will tell how many correct answers there are.

There are also 50% questions about agile management. It was lower than 10% before. This means that you need to pay more attention to the changes and adapt your learning methods. The PMP dumps from the past are no longer valid. We will provide some tips on how to prepare for this exam.

2. The change of content
Exam content was used to cover the five major process groups: initiating and planning, executing, monitoring, closing, and closing. The new content includes people, procedures, business environment, and ten fields. This is a huge change. Restructuring the knowledge system is necessary. These questions can be addressed by combining knowledge with practical experience.

Another change is that the exam score used to correspond to five process groups and was 5A. The full score is now 3A, as the content has been divided into 3 modules.

Other minor changes
The exam time is reduced from 240 minutes to 230 minutes.
The morality and ethics content is also added.

How to prepare for the new PMP exam?
Candidates are most concerned about how to prepare for the new test. Some candidates may be concerned that these changes will make the exam more difficult. Don’t worry. You won’t lose the core knowledge required to be certified PMI PMP. The PMP guidance is not yet available due to the 7th Chinese PMBOK. The 6th edition is still available. If you have the time, you can read the 6th edition PMBOK to prepare for the exam. The core content and management knowledge that will be tested in the exam tests won’t change.

It is recommended that you join a trusted PMP certification training institution to ensure a more systematic and effective PMP exam preparation. You can also set your own pace. You can also control the pace of learning by attending the PMP training courses. This will ensure that you pass the exam with flying colors. SPOTO is a trusted training institution that has teachers with PMP certifications. They will interact with and provide examples to help you understand certain knowledge points. These examples are vivid, impressive, and will help you understand the fundamental theoretical knowledge of PMP certification. You can view a preview of the class before you take it. You will find it difficult to follow the teacher’s pace if you don’t. PMP exam is too complex. A preview will give you an idea of the course content and help you understand it. You can review your mistakes and take sample tests to help you adjust to the pace of real exam. You will feel more confident and have a greater chance of passing the PMI PMP exam.