To succeed in any job, you need to have a deep understanding of the subject. Employing qualified staff will help organizations achieve better results in their projects. Because their talent is key to the success of any project. According to PWC, having the right talent within a team is one of the key factors for project success. What does this mean for project managers who are already in the field or those who want to become one? This means that they need to acquire the right skills at this stage in their careers. They should consider getting an IT certification to help them in their project management career.
Are you ready to learn more? A certificate in project management will allow you to maximize your talents. And your skill level doesn’t matter. Project management qualifications can be targeted at all levels. They range from Entry to Advanced. You may also find certifications from specific vendors. We would like to share the top 5 project management certifications for 2020.
Project Management Professional (PMP), a credential that is industry-standard and is intended for project managers, is a global credential. These professionals and employers are both eager to obtain this qualification. With it, there are no limitations to where you can find a job.
– A secondary-level degree with five years experience in leading projects and project management training of 35 hour. – A 4-year degree with only three years of leading projects and 35 hours of project manager training.
The PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management certification can help you to improve your skills and knowledge. CAPM proves you are capable of managing large projects. It validates your knowledge of both terminology and methods in project management. Your skills will be unmatched on the job market with the PMI certificate. You’ll be a trusted project manager if you can show your competence and credibility in managing the projects.
– A secondary degree. – 23 hours of in-depth project management training.
3. CompTIA Project+
Project managers are an entry-level job for people who manage small projects. This CompTIA credential covers key concepts and requirements in project management, regardless of whether it is within the scope or framework of any one methodology. You will learn key areas such as project management, communication, prudent resource management, and the management of project documentation.
The students must have at least 12 months experience in project management before sitting for the certification exam. It is highly recommended that they receive the required training.
GAQM (Global Association for Quality Management), offers the Professional in Project Management certificate, which is also one of the top PM certs for 2020. It was created to meet the apparent need for project management skills in both the public and private sector. Project management is essential for achieving the organization’s goals. Preparing for your PPM will help you to understand important details like the project scope. You will also learn about the cost and schedule. This credential covers not only best practices in project management but also the complexities, requirements and requirements involved with the implementation of any project.
Candidates for certification must complete an E-training course.
The PMI offers the Program Management Professional certification. It promises to equip you the r