An SOC analyst is an IT security/cybersecurity expert who works in a group to combat threats to an establishment’s IT infrastructure, and to assess security structures and processes for possible faults and improvements. The SOC team is made up of several security professionals and analysts. They usually work in one office.
SOC analysts can be a step in your career as a cyber security analyst. Let’s take a look at the job and the skills required to succeed.
Description of the Job for SOC Analyst
An SOC analyst plays a dual role. You must be alert to possible attacks and look for ways to strengthen defenses to prevent or mitigate them. Analysts need to be able to install security tools, detect suspicious activity and participate in security strategies.
Below is a list of TheSOC Analyst job descriptions and account skills in an enterprise:
You should keep an eye on security access and notify senior employees if you suspect a cyberattack.
To identify any vulnerability that could affect the organization, conduct a risk assessment and implement security measures.
Find security gaps and their origin.
Prepare reports that allow authorities to make the necessary changes to security strategies in accordance with organizational requirements.
For enhanced security in your company, develop advanced strategies
To prevent any cyberattacks, it is important to regularly upgrade the security systems within the organization.
Conduct security audits.
SOC Analyst Career Pathway:
Although every company assigns a different set responsibilities to a job title, there are still three tiers to a SOC analyst job.
Tier 1 SOC analysts work as specialists to monitor, manage and align security tools, analyze incidents to determine their urgency, escalate incidents to higher-ups, if necessary.
Tier 2SOC analysts are responders who fix attacks that have been escalated from Tier 1. They also measure the extent of the occurrence and the affected systems and gather data for detailed analysis.
Tier 3SOC analysts are threat hunters. They are responsible for identifying faults and the attackers, conducting penetration tests and reviewing systems. They also look at the data to understand what is happening during and after attacks.
These tiers/levels are not the only titles in a SOC. SOC engineers are also responsible for constructing and maintaining the systems used by analysts. SOC managers oversee the entire operation.
Requirements for SOC Analysts:
Qualifications in Education: A bachelor’s degree in computer science, or a related field.
Security Operations Analystcertification from an accredited institute
Skills required to become a SOC analyst:
Below are the skills you will need to become a certified SOC analyst.
Network defense: You must be able secure the network as