– iOS
o Xcode IDE, (Integrated Development Environment).
o Xcode 7.0 and newer
– Android
Android Studio 1.4 or higher
Android SDK 4.4 KitKat API Level 19 or Newer
o Android SDK Build-tools 23.0.1
Android Device with Android OS 4.0.3 (IceCreamSandwich), API Level 15 or Newer

Let’s start with creating the project. Go to the AWS management console and select Mobile Hub under Mobile Services. This will take you to the Mobile Hub console. Step 1: Select “create a new mobile project” Step 2: Click on “Configuration” to configure other AWS Services. With just a few clicks, the user can configure the app for use of required AWS services. AWS will then take care of the actual provisioning and configuration. AWS automatically provides the resources and generates a sample application that the user can modify later. Step 3: Select “User Log-in”, and provide the required details. After completing the configuration, click “Build” to create the app. This allows us to select the major platforms, such as Android and iOS, for creating the app. iOS projects can be built using Xcode, while Android apps support Android Studio IDE and Android build tools. Step – 4 Choose “Android image” to access the android platform. Step – 5 Navigate to AWS S3, you will see that a bucket was created by the Mobile Hub. Configure the bucket here for upload and download events that will trigger the “Email Notification” using AWS SNS. Step 6 Next, go back to Mobile Hub console. Under Build section you will see the “Download Android Source Package”, click on this package. Follow the steps according the requirements and click “I’m done with that step”. Open the downloaded source package in Android SDK. This is how your Sample App will look on your device. Click the User sign-in button to log in. Tap the “User Data Storage” button to upload any media file to S3. After uploading the file, you can view it in the S3 bucket. We will receive an email notification once the file has been uploaded to S3. Similar to the above, we will also receive notification when a file has been deleted. What other services/tasks can be integrated with Mobile Hub. AWS Device Farm allows you to test a number of the most common services.