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Scrum, Kanban, Lean…and now SAFe(r). The SAFe framework is now available at the project methodology party. Let’s not forget anyone.
My experience as a project manager includes both large corporations (global enterprise) and smaller organizations (start-ups). To help teams get their work done, I have used agile delivery frameworks as well as other agile approaches. Customers get simple and complex solutions through the form of products and services.
Agile, Scrum or another agile methodology, has worked well for my small team. What happens when an organization grows? What happens when there are more teams, or better aligned groups to deliver products and services? Is there a better method? SAFe, the new guest at the party, could be the star of the party.
Frameworks and methods for managing a house party project. Here’s what I will be covering in this article.
What is Scaled Agile Framework(r)?
SAFe(r) Principles
How to Implement Scaled Agile Framework(r).
What are the Tools in SAFe (r)?
What is Scaled Agile Framework(r)?
Scaled Agile claims that the Scaled Agile Framework(r), or (SAFe) is a system for implementing Agile, Lean, and DevOps practices on a large scale. It’s a framework that allows organizations to adapt their agile processes as they grow.
It can be used by agile organizations that use Scrum or Lean, as well as organizations who want to scale their DevOps efforts in support of the organization. Businesses can use SAFe to align their development teams with their project teams to deliver better value for customers.
Imagine yourself as a Scrum Master, project manager, or Scrum Master for a small group of digital marketing agencies. Your team and yourself are one unit. You have all the resources necessary to complete your team’s projects. Your own working agreement outlines how you will plan, monitor progress, and estimate risk.
Let’s quickly move to the future. Your digital marketing agency has grown. Your agency has won many customer contracts and needs more project teams.
Congrats! There are now 3 additional project teams and 3 more project managers. Your project team is no longer self-contained. Your project team now has access the ‘common system’ team that provides all the resources they need and supports all projects.
Your work must be synchronized with the other three project teams. It is impossible to plan your team alone. Collaboration and communication must occur with other project teams.
Your world suddenly becomes more complicated!
Is there a way that digital marketing agencies can better align their project teams to ensure they all benefit from a coordinated approach when delivering projects. The SAFe framework can be used to adapt agile practices to more than one team.
What makes SAFe(r) useful?
SAFe, just like any framework, provides organizations a roadmap or guideline to help them along their journey to growth. SAFe can be used by organizations as a guideline. It begins at the lowest level of an organization and moves up to the top management, portfolio, or program levels.
In addition to the roadmap, organizations can also do dedicated training. SAFe offers training for agile roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owners and Architects as well as the entire agile team.
The SAFe Roadmap provides a guideline for organizations to adopt the framework. (c) Scaled Agile, Inc. What’s SAFe(r), a Methodology, or Framework?