Super High Gold Content in CCIE
What is the average salary for a CCIE certificate holder? The CCIE certification is the highest-level Cisco certification. According to official Cisco data, CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert), accounts for less than 3% and less than 1% respectively of all Cisco certifications. Cisco certification is primarily for engineers who need to be able to navigate Cisco equipment in today‚Äôs changing network environment. CCIE, Cisco’s certification of the most advanced technical capabilities (except for the newly launched CCA), is the only exception. It is located at top of the Cisco pyramid certification program. It is also one the most respected and authoritative certificates in the IT industry. CCIE was ranked number ten on the global IT certification lists in 2003. It has the reputation of being the IT ultimate. CCIE is not only an industry standard, but it also indicates your ability to keep up with the latest network knowledge. This will make you the most competitive person within your technical field.

What is the salary for CCIE? Candidates spend a lot of time and effort to get the CCIE certificate. However, their main purpose is to increase their salary and position. So the question that everyone is asking is how much salary you will earn after passing the CCIE exam. We will be briefly introducing you to the CCIE’s salary range.

Cisco stipulated that all certified agents must possess a certain number of CCIE to enable customers to receive expert-level technical assistance. This directly stimulated the demand. The 1999 annual salary for CCIE holders in China was 118343 US dollars. Many owners propose that system integration projects require contractors to be CCIE certified experts in order to be qualified to do the work. This is a sign of the industry’s acceptance of CCIE experts.

According to data from the Internet, the average salary for employees with Cisco certification is about 20% to 30% higher than the industry average. Fresh graduates can earn an average annual salary of 10370 to 14814 US dollars if they have a CCIE certification right after graduation. However, there will be a significant gap between first-tier cities and second-tier ones.

After you have obtained your CCIE certificate, there are many options. There are many positions you can choose from. You can choose from Party A, Party B, or the manufacturer. The CCIE salary ranges for different positions will be large as well, ranging from a few hundred thousand per month to several hundred thousands per year.

A pre-sales engineer for a manufacturer earns an average annual salary of 14800 to 44500 US dollars, while a manager of the technical department receives an annual salary between 22250 and 74100 US dollars. The annual salary for a product manager can be anywhere from 44500 to 74100 US dollars. Party B’s pre-sales salary ranges from 14800 to 44500 US dollars, while the technical director can earn between 37100 and 74100 US dollars. The highest annual salary for Party A is between 14800 and 44500 US dollars.

In other words, a novice novice who has earned the CCIE certificate will be more popular than a novice without it. The chances of finding work are higher and the salaries are also higher. It is possible for a CCIE to earn several hundred thousand annually with five to ten years of experience.