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Any project kickoff meeting should have a purpose. Different outcomes can be expected depending on the project and the needs your stakeholders.
The purpose of the project kickoff meeting has relevance in the context of project management, project initiation, and project management. What is the purpose of a project kickoff meeting?
What should you do in this meeting to help get your project on the right track? Continue reading to find out more!
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The Project Kickoff Meeting’s Goal
Project Kickoff Meeting Objectives
The Project Kickoff Meeting’s Goal
The primary purpose of the project kickoff meeting, or the “why”, is to officially launch the project. It serves as a starting place for both the client team and the project team. Both parties should leave the meeting with clear next steps and a sense about where they are going.
Beyond project kickoff meetings, there are many other purposes.
Introduce the team members
Establish a shared understanding about the project background
Establish a mutual understanding of what a successful project looks like
Establish a shared understanding about the tasks required
Find out how to work together effectively
It’s a chance to set the tone and get all key stakeholders and team members on the same page.
The agency team responsible for delivering the project is invited to the project kickoff meeting. It is a chance to gather key information and show enthusiasm. It is also a chance to convince the client that the agency and project team they chose was the right one.
The world has changed. This is why? Smartsheet transforms your work.

Project Kickoff Meeting Objectives
Your project details will determine the concrete objectives of the meeting. You, as the project manager, will have some key objectives you want to achieve from the meeting.
These include:
Defining and agreeing upon the project goals and purpose
Establishing the tone for clear communication throughout the project.
Clearness and agreement regarding the project brief
For the team, establish roles and responsibilities
Set up a project timeline, deliverables and status update format.
The purpose, common goals, timeline, deliverables, status updates format, frequency, and timeline may change throughout the project’s lifetime. However, the kickoff meeting helps establish a baseline to guide you in the future.
It is important to get to the details of your project. Discuss the approach,methodology, andscopeof the project, and any other important details. This document can be used to validate the initial project plan and to compare what was said to the statementof workandproject charter.
A successful kickoff meeting can set the tone and direction for the rest. The kickoff meeting can make all the difference in the success or failure of your project if it is done right.
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Next steps
It is important to plan your kickoff meeting agenda in order to achieve your goals. To help you plan what to cover and discuss at the meeting, you can use our template for kickoff meeting agenda.