What is the true value of a certification certificate? Ask any tech vendor and they will tell you that certifications have a tremendous value. Each vendor that holds specific certifications does so to ensure that their employees are subject matter experts. This allows companies to increase their ROI by certifying their employees so they can manage the daily tasks of their work. If a vendor issues a certification, and a company purchases their technology, it is a benefit to both the vendor and the business.
The IT industry is constantly evolving, offering new and exciting ways for businesses stay ahead of their competitors. IT professionals know that in order to be effective at their jobs, they must continue to learn. Certifications are a way to show the world that you have mastered a particular platform and can perform your job. Companies must ensure that their employees are able to use new technologies when allocating large budgets. It is like a diploma or trophy that shows a person’s ability to perform a task.
There are many IT vendors that can issue certifications. These are some of the most in-demand areas:
* Cisco
* Linux
*Project Management
Bootcamps are a great way for people to get certifications. Bootcamps provide the opportunity to learn in a more efficient manner and in a shorter time. Bootcamps are for people who have previous experience in the field. The courses are intensive and fast-paced. A bootcamp offers significant cost savings and less time away from work. Employers love this route as long as their employees are ready to learn in a crash-course format.
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California offers several bootcamps throughout each year in a variety of technology areas. We do this to help employers fit training in their already busy business schedules and to provide a significant way for them to save money on training.
Here are some upcoming bootcamps at our centers:
MCSA Bootcamp: Windows Server 2012 (April 6-April 10th)
MCSE Bootcamp: Private Cloud (May 3rd-May 7th)
New Horizons is a technology company that talks about technology every day. Not just with clients, but also with vendors. We talk about industry trends and real-life problems. Because of our close relationship with top vendors, New Horizons can help businesses like yours use our knowledge experts to discuss strategies and implementation as well as troubleshooting.
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