What is a digital project manager?
A digital project manager oversees the planning, tracking and delivery of tech-related projects, which are often done online. They can work with clients, or lead an internal team to build a product. Their goal is the exact same: To ensure that the project goes smoothly, on budget, and without stress.
Digital project management goes beyond managing dates and dollar signs. A digital project manager builds trust, guides decisions, and builds trust. They ensure that everyone is happy with the work. It is important that you communicate effectively and think strategically about how the project will end up.
Different types of digital project managers roles
Digital project management is a broad area. There are many options available when it comes finding the right role as a digital manager for your interests and skills.
These are just a few of the many types of projects you could digitally manage:
Software and mobile app development
Website design and development
Digital marketing campaigns
UX/UI design
Content strategy
What is a digital project manager?
Digital project managers ensure that everyone is clear about their roles in the project’s success. They keep communication open, manage expectations, prioritize tasks, and maintain control over expectations. They create the project plan, and work actively to resolve any problems so that the project stays on track.
Digital project manager job description example
This Verizon job description will give you an idea of what tasks a digital project manager might need to perform.
What are the responsibilities of a digital project manager?
While there are many roles, most digital project managers share the same core duties. This will give you an overview of the main responsibilities of a digital manager.
Get project estimates and plans
Manage the project process
Monitor and prepare project scopes, budgets, and schedules.
Manage the team workload and maintain motivation
Provide regular project status reports
Assist in organizing and leading project meetings
Facilitate communication
Manage stakeholder relations
What skills and experience does a digital project manager need?
Many digital project managers are employed at some point in their career. They may have previous experience in digital content, marketing, or design. While this is a plus, it is not essential to success.
A good digital project manager is tech-savvy and can bring these skills to the table.
Attention to detail and a knack at organization
Ability to manage multiple tasks
Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities
Proactive problem solving skills
Clear and honest communication
A compassionate attitude that accepts the best of people
You can manage conflict with a calm attitude
Diplomatic negotiation skills
Confidence given to a group
Ability to quickly and easily learn new technologies
Experience with different methods of project management
What is the average salary for a digital project manager in your country?
As a digital project manager, you have the potential to increase your salary as your career progresses.
According to the 2018 Digital Project Manager Salary Survey, the average US salary of a project manager was $82,000. Below are the average salaries for various roles:
Project coordinator = $44,041
Project manager = $72,568
Senior project manager = $93,765
Project director = $108,823
Head of project management = $137.942
It’s not just about the salary when you work in digital project management. Remote work is an option that allows you to be more flexible in your work schedule and has a better work/life balance.
Become an expert digital project manager
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