Security+ certification is the industry standard for Cyber Security certifications. It covers six essential security areas. These are:
PKI and Cryptography
Threats, Attacks, & Vulnerabilities
Risk Management
Management of Access and Identity
Architecture and Design
Technologies and Tools

Security+ Certified Experts: Job Forecast
There is a growing market for CompTIA Security+ certified professionals. Cyber Security specialists are a job segment that offers bright and promising prospects. Analysts predict that there will be as many as two million Cyber Security jobs by the end of this year. There will be six million Cyber Security specialists, compared to the current four million. This gap will likely increase by 3.5 vacant positions by 2021. This breach will cause a rise in the demand for security experts, which will result in wages rising accordingly. CompTIA found that 62% of US administrators who were looking for IT jobs stated that security skills are essential.
If you are interested in a career in Cyber Security, the following jobs are in high demand:
Systems Engineer or Integrator
Security Analyst
Security Engineer or Architect
Forensic Investigator
Security/IT Manager
Network Architect or Engineer
CISO/CSO, System Administrator

These posts are for those who have the ability to comprehend:
Cloud computing/virtualization
Response to an incident
Advanced malware prevention
Analytics and intelligence
Application security development
Intrusion detection
Firewall/IDS/IPS skills
Access/identity Management
SIEM Management
Audit and compliance

What are the Expected Wages for Security Experts?
Cyber Security professionals who are proficient in their field can earn a lot, even if they are only in the first quartile of the income curve.
Cyber Security Experts: Median Wages
Information Security Manager – $116.157
Security Engineer – $91,022Information Security Engineer – $97,387
Cyber Security Analyst – $75,631Information security Analyst – $72,143
There are many opportunities for skilled, highly-skilled Cyber Security professionals. The job is exciting and exhilarating, but it can also be extremely rewarding for those who achieve fair success in the field.
If you desire to be a Cyber Security pro, log onto, and get yourself registered in CompTIA+ Security+ Course and boost your career.