My name is Carrie Williams, and I am an Applications Instructor at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in Southern California and Southern Arizona. As an Applications Instructor, you will learn the Microsoft Office Suite Applications. I provide the training through instructor-led training in both a classroom setting and online. I have been an application instructor for approximately five years. I joined New Horizons six month ago. I would like to give you an overview about what students and clients can expect from New Horizons when they partner with us.
New Horizons is a company that sends employees to the program. The ultimate goal is to teach Excel (one of the most popular applications) to employees so they can return to work and use it immediately. Excel is a software application that requires the user to learn the language. This has led to it being feared by many. Many employers use this program and want their employees master it.
Many students came to my class with no knowledge of Excel, and were very hesitant. They are often pleasantly surprised at how much they have learned and how comfortable they feel in Excel. As an Instructor, I have always tried to create a safe environment for students to ask questions and try new things without fear.
Here are some quotes from my students:
“I was impressed by Mrs. Williams’ patience with some of her students. She didn’t make me feel guilty for asking questions. Thank you, Mrs. Williams!
“Ms. Williams did an outstanding job. I loved the way she provided a summary of each section that we had covered. She was also very patient. Excel was new to me, and she took the time with me to explain it to me in a way that was understandable. She is a master at teaching adult learners.
“Carrie Williams is extremely knowledgeable and patient with everyone’s learning curve.”
“Very personable, helpful.”
These are my experiences and I believe they are applicable to all Application Instructors at New Horizons. We all strive to make learning Microsoft Excel as easy as possible.
Original text by Carrie Williams MSOMS, MSOE and Applications Instructor New Horizons Tucson.
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