VMware announced its new recertification policy last month. If you hold a VMware certification, you will need to recertify before March 10, 2015 in order to keep your credential current.
This policy applies to VCP certification. VMware Certified Professional (VCP), holders must pass any VCP exam or higher-level exam within 2 years of their last VCP certification to recertify.
VMware was the only IT certification provider that didn’t require holders to recertify their skills until recently. While this may seem convenient for lazy holders it is not a good idea. Employers are always looking for people with the most current credentials. Your certification is worthless if you don’t have the latest skills. Both the technical and business communities expect VMware certified professionals to be up-to-date on the latest technologies and capable in implementing VMware products with the best level of skill. VMware has established a recertification policy to ensure that all certified professionals meet these standards.
What certifications do I need to recertify for? All VCP level certifications, VCP DCV, VCP Cloud, VCP Desktop, and VCP-Desktop, that were earned before March 10, 2013, must be recertified. Simply take a VCP or VCAP exam to recertify any VCP2, VCP3, VCP4 or VCP5 certification. Anyone with a VCP certificate issued prior to March 10, 2013, has until March 10, 2015.
What is the process for recertifying? What is the process?
VMware offers the following recertification options
The current exam can be taken for your VCP certification track. If you are a VCP3, for example, you could take the VCP5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5 – DCV) exam.
Earn a new VCP certification in another solution track. If you are a VCP5 Cloud, you can recertify by earning VCP5 -Desktop certification (VCP5 -DT).
Earning a VMware Certified Advanced Professional certification (VCAP), will allow you to move up the ladder. You could, for example, become a VCP5 DCV to earn VCAP5 DCA certification.
Recertification Process
Your registered email address will be used to notify you that your certification is about to expire. The date of certification is also shown on new VMware transcripts.
You must pass any VCP exam or higher-level exam within 2 years of your last VCP certification to recertify.
Failure to recertify by a specified date can result in your certification being revoked.
Your certification will be revoked and you will not have access to the VCP portal. You also lose the right to market yourself as a VMware certified professional, including the use of the logos for the certification. Your transcript will also reflect that your certification is no more valid.
You must meet the same requirements as other candidates if you want to re-earn certifications for which you were decertified.
VCPs have another reason to keep up-to-date with industry trends and to maintain your expertise. It’s a sure way to make a difference.