It’s that time again! Technology training budgets are about to expire. New Horizons can help you maximize your training dollars if your company is under pressure.
New Horizons can help you turn procrastination to productivity, from security+ training to ensure compliance to the most recent VMWare Certified VCPS training to training your employees in Office 365. Don’t let your training budget go! Gartner research shows that IT budgets decreased by 4.9% in 2015. To make their teams more productive, they must work smarter with a smaller budget. You can still purchase learning credits and coupons during December 2015 with your 2015 training funds. Classes don’t have to be taken, or even registered for a whole year. These resources can be used by your company to attend any of our courses. Computer training is a great way to increase your competitive edge.
New Horizons of Southern California & Southern Arizona provides business-friendly delivery options that allow individuals and companies to receive the best technical, business and application skills training. New Horizons training resulted in 75% of students using their new skills on the work place. We are proud to offer computer training in the entire SoCal region, with centers located in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, the Inland Empire and San Diego. 54% of IT professionals, or more than half, stated they would pay out-of-pocket for IT training courses, while 56% said their company would pay for an employee. Imagine only half of your team working at maximum efficiency.
We have the best instructors in the world and the largest Guaranteed-to Run schedule. This allows us to use the best resources available to our clients to deliver the highest quality training while keeping costs down for them. This is great for IT training budgets. Learn what you need, when you need it, and how to get it.
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About New Horizons Southern CaliforniaNew Horizons Southern California is a community that has been serving Southern California businesses and individuals for more than 32 years. We offer a wide variety of business, technical and application skills courses from convenient locations throughout Southern California. New Horizons is helping the world’s workforce to stay current with the latest technology and achieve their career goals. We’re the best at it. Gartner Worldwide IT Forecast The Gartner Worldwide Information Technology Spending Forecast is the most reliable indicator of major technology trends across devices, IT services, and telecom services markets. It also covers geographies.