Your Bin Doesn’t Clean Itself, So Here’s A Few Tips On Domestic Bin Cleaning!
Home/Uncategorized/Your Bin Doesn’t Clean Itself, So Here’s A Few Tips On Domestic Bin Cleaning!Wouldn’t it be nice if all of those nasty jobs in life simply cared for themselves? You know, if the leaves just disappeared off their own accord without the need to sweep them up, the dust vanished from around our home without having to even lift a duster, and those bins of ours cleaned themselves every week as well!
Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with a miraculous way to make it all happen, but we can at least give you a few tips to keeping your domestic bin nice and clean, without putting in too much work. Ready to get started? Great! Here come a few small tips that can go a long way.
Tips On Domestic Bin Cleaning

While we may be very conscious about the hygiene within our own home and outdoor area, we can all too often forget that wheelie bin hygiene is also crucial to caring for the health of our family. Flies, maggots, bacteria, and all of those nasty things we don’t like to think about, just love to make wheelie bins their new best friend! So how can we put an end to their friendship and prevent them from forging any new ones?
Don’t put dirty packaging, tins and cans straight into the bin. It only takes a moment to rinse them out and this will avoid your bin giving off a smell that is far too attractive to flies and so forth.
If you are going to place items such as nappies, meat or fish into the bin make sure that you place it into a separate bag and tightly secure it. Use two bags if possible to minimise the smell.
Always keep the lid of the wheelie bin tightly closed shut at all times, only opening it to place waste in.
Try not to keep the wheelie bin in direct sunlight as this may increase foul smells and allow maggots to develop at a quicker rate.
As well as the above practical tips on domestic bin cleaning, there are also a few changes you can make to your general household running that can further increase the hygiene in your home, as well as your wheelie bin. For example, you could consider having a kitchen composter which can be used for all food waste. This waste includes meat, fish and so forth and provides a practical way to keep good hygiene and care for the environment as a whole.
Indeed, our modern world has created many ways to make life easier and provides shortcuts to things we didn’t even think possible a few years ago. That being said, there are still a few nasty jobs that we have to care for ourselves and wheelie bin hygiene is one of them. To care for the health of your family and surroundings be sure to follow the tips above for super clean bins, you’ll be glad you did!