Screen sharing software allows presenters to share their desktops/mobile screens with other participants.

Screen sharing software allows you to collaborate with clients and colleagues, whether you’re giving a presentation or conducting a webinar.
Screen sharing software allows presenters to share their screens with others or projecting devices. This software is especially useful for companies with hybrid or remote work cultures. This tool may also be useful if you work in a cross-functional group and need to share your computer screen in order to train, demonstrate, collaborate, or provide tutorials.
If you are a freelancer, or part of a small company, it might not be financially feasible to invest in screen sharing software. Instead, you can start with a free screen-sharing tool and save money by signing up for paid subscriptions.
This article lists the ten best screen sharing software options (sorted alphabetically based on user ratings, reviews, and other reviews). (Learn how we chose these products.
Take me there1. CoScreen: Multi-user screen sharing
CoScreen is a web-conferencing software that allows multi-user screen sharing. The software allows multiple users to share their desktops or mobile screens simultaneously. It also includes a collaborative remote control feature that allows users to access their keyboard and mouse to interact with any window in the shared workspace.
CoScreen facilitates collaboration and communication through its high-quality audio chats and flexible video layouts. The tool can be used by engineering, product, and design teams to create programs, fix bugs, collaborate on designs and plans, as well as connect with remote teams.
CoScreen provides customer support via email and ticket tickets. This screen sharing tool can be used by small to medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises.
*Analysis valid as of February 20222. GoBrunch: Create custom meeting rooms
GoBrunch, an online meeting and webinar platform, allows users to create virtual events and share screens, share videos and broadcast multiple presentations. You can break up a session into multiple rooms and assign different facilitators to each room. These breakout rooms can be personalized with your logo and background.
GoBrunch lets you share your screen with sound, present slides, and play YouTube videos. You can control the screens, mics, and cams of your attendees with the media control feature.
GoBrunch provides customer support via chat, phone, or email. This web-based screensharing tool includes a knowledge base and FAQs section that address most common user questions.
*Analysis valid as of February 20223. GoTo Meeting: Use in-session chats or webcam preview
GoTo Meeting, a web conferencing tool, is part of the GoTo communication systems and collaboration systems. It can host online meetings with up 250 people. It offers many video conferencing features such as screen sharing, drawing tools and in-session chats. Keyboard and mouse sharing is also possible. You can even preview the webcam.
GoTo Meeting allows participants to share their entire screen or a portion of it. It also includes meeting locks and encrypted sessions that enhance security.
GoTo Meeting provides customer support via email and FAQs. This web-based tool offers both Android and iOS apps.
*Analysis valid as of February 20224. ISL Light: Cross-platform screen sharing
ISL Light is a remote desktop program that allows users to remotely access any Windows, Mac or Linux system and provide technical support. Its key features are sess