Keron Taylor, People of Zero to Engineer

Although I didn’t think I would say it, breaking my wrist was a blessing in disguise. I was working at BASF, one of the largest chemical companies in the world, as a Chemicals Operator. My job duties included driving forklifts, loading tankers and running multiple chemical reactions. This constantly put my body in danger. My wrist was broken in an […]

People of Zero to Engineer: Chris Mendez

My college experience was characterized by being completely immersed and productive. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a B.S. I studied IT and Software engineering. 90% of my time was spent online, and 10% was spent trying to understand the remaining 90%. It was enjoyable, but I wish I had spent more time getting hands-on experience. After graduating, […]

People of Zero to Engineer: Chris Evans

To advance my career, education has been the main avenue I have chosen. After earning my associate’s degree, it was only a matter of time before I began working as a Business Analyst for Assurant. My annual salary was $29k. Budgeting and data analysis were easy for me. However, I couldn’t keep my place after seven years. I had to […]

Online Cybersecurity Training [Your MUST TO KNOW Foundations]

Fundamentals are key to becoming a skilled Cybersecurity engineer. The program will help you think like a hacker, and provide practical skills that you can use to defend against attacks. This blog will give you an overview of each module, so you can see the key points that you’ll be learning in order to build a solid foundation. What are […]

NexGenT welcomes Vamsee Kandimalla as an Instructor and Mentor

Vamsee is an experienced rockstarengineer who brings to NexGenT a wealth of experience in various sectors such as defense, consumer electronics and automotive. Vamsee holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, and a MS focused on Embedded Systems at Carnegie Mellon. Vamsee began his career as a Cybersecurity Research Engineer at Lockheed Martin, where he developed […]